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Sanken electric

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. was established at Shiki-machi (present Shiki-shi), Saitama-ken in 1946. In 1954, Tokyo Office Opened in Toshima-ku, Tokyo. In 2003, Corporate Officer system was introduced. Then Taiwan Technology Center opened in Taiwan Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. Now Sanken Logistics Co., Ltd. has been established after Sanken Business Service Co., Ltd. separated its logistics business. The main products of Sanken include electric equipment and apparatus, Electoric works, telecommunication works and any other construction works incidental to the preceding item; and All matters related to the conduct of the business stated in the preceding items, such as ICs, transistors, thyristors, diodes, LEDs, CCFLs, UPS, switching power supplies and so on. Sanken used the technologies it developed to begin manufacturing power supply products and has established a firm position as a power electronics manufacturer, providing high-quality solutions to meet diverse customer needs with the electronics industry. Sanken will focus on the expansion of the semiconductors, improve the competitiveness of the products and continue to provide society with original and creative products as a power electronics innovator. Sanken aims to expand the business foundations that are essential to global corporate competition. The 21st century will bring both great challenges and great rewards, so Sanken will work to enable to be a company that offers true value and contributes to the development of global industry, economic development and culture.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)