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Quality Inspection

In a challenging environment “Quality is a must”. Censtry Electronics can provide test reports and product quality verification on almost all components prior to dispatch when required. Censtry Electronics testing services include a secure network of certified third-party laboratories/facilities supporting our comprehensive distribution network. This extensive network provides expert product testing for incoming products to ensure customers risk-free engagements time after time. Electronic component quality testing is done to identify any substandard material and to verify that all manufacturers’ specifications are met. Product samples are also randomly selected and periodically tested to ensure product consistency and to document spot quality control.

We can offer:

In the ever changing electronics industry there is an increased requirement for electronics component test services and component verificaton.Eparts offer electronics component testing services to aid in fake component detection.Most parts from us are test by functionally.We try our best to avoid any fake,defective go to our customer and into market.

Level 1 Visual Inspection

The first, and most essential step testing method for any component evaluation.By utilizing optical inspection and visual inspection techniques,it is possible to determine whether or not components are new and used.Using high powered microscopy we can detect simple tell tale signs such as body cracks,sphere and body contamination.


  • level1-1 Before wiping
  • level1-2 After wiping

As shown above: true screen printing is still clear after wiping


  • level1-3 Before wiping
  • level1-4 After wiping

As shown above: fake screen printing is blurred after wiping

Level 2 Electrical Testing

Electrical testing is involving the testing of each contact on a component to ensure that the components are satisfied by datasheet.This is very strong tool to tell us if the component is defevtive or not.


Level 3 Solderability Testing

Metal oxidizes it is easy happen. We call it “rust”. On solder, it is referred to as oxidation . Other contaminants such as oil and dust can cause the solder to not make a good connection between the component terminal and the printed circuit board (PCB). It can determine if the devices will be able to be soldered in customer application.It is fast way,inexpensive and invaluable.


  • level1-1 Before soldering
  • level1-2 Success of soldering

As picture shown above:Joint of soldering is smooth and connect with the pins closely


  • level1-3 Before soldering
  • level1-4 Soldering failure

As picture shown above:Solder failure joint of soldering is not smooth and easy to fall off

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