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Welcome to Censtry Electronics Co., Ltd.! Established in 2004 in Hong Kong and now thriving in Shenzhen, we pride ourselves on being a renowned independent stocking distributor of top-tier electronic components

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Censtry Electronics prides itself on an expansive and varied inventory reflecting our commitment to a diverse product range

Specializing in a wide spectrum of active components like integrated ICs, memory chips, and transistors, alongside a diverse assortment of passive components such as capacitors, inductors, and resistors, our catalog boasts top-tier industry Manufacturers like

  • st
  • silicon
  • toshiba
  • onsemi
  • vishay
  • microchip
  • infineon
  • nxp
  • broadcom
  • analog

Our stock includes rare and elusive resources like MRF148A , MC68060RC50 , LT1249CN8 , RJK0328DPB , PS9513 , LS1240AD1 , IXBH16N170A ensuring our customers have access to a comprehensive and hard-to-find product range

Unmatched Inventory & Trusted Partnerships

Censtry Electronics, Your Ultimate Electronic Components Solution

  • Updated Stock

    With a stock of over millions of products, our user-friendly website simplifies the search for components, making online purchases a breeze. Our inventory isn't stagnant; we add new products regularly and provide clear identification for parts not recommended for new designs or considered obsolete

  • Reliable Source

    Building strong partnerships with manufacturers and globally recognized Manufacturers from Europe, the US, Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea, we've established reliable supply chains. With a commitment to 100% quality assurance, competitive pricing, swift delivery, and exceptional after-sales service, we prioritize a business philosophy based on equality and mutual benefit

  • Customer-Focused Approach

    Censtry Electronics isn't just a typical distributor. We've evolved into a customer-centric solutions provider. Our Supply Chain Management services are tailored to assist customers in swiftly and efficiently bringing their products to market. Our unique approach ensures unparalleled service, enabling us to be your trusted partner in the electronic components industry


Setting High Standards

Quality Assurance, Technical Proficiency, Tailored Solutions, and Global Logistics at Censtry Electronics

  • 01 Quality

    Quality Standards and Certifications

    At Censtry Electronics, our commitment to quality is exemplified through stringent adherence to globally recognized standards. We proudly maintain RoHS compliance, ensuring environmentally friendly components. Moreover, our operations are certified with ISO standards, reflecting our dedication to maintaining exceptional quality in every component we offer. Our compliance with industry-specific standards further underscores our commitment to delivering reliable and certified electronic components

  • 02 Expertise

    Technical Expertise

    Our team comprises seasoned experts equipped with extensive technical knowledge across various electronic components. From component selection to providing in-depth technical support and guidance throughout the procurement process, our experts are dedicated to assisting clients in making informed decisions. We take pride in offering comprehensive technical consultations, ensuring that clients receive the most suitable components that align with their project requirements

  • 03 Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions

    Recognizing that each client's needs are unique, we specialize in providing tailored solutions. Our capability to source even the most challenging and rare components showcases our dedication to meeting specific client demands. We excel in offering customized inventory solutions, ensuring that clients have access to components aligned precisely with their project specifications

  • 04 Global Reach and Efficient Logistics

    Global Reach and Efficient Logistics

    Operating on a global scale, we cater to clients worldwide, ensuring seamless and efficient logistics. Our robust distribution network facilitates on-time deliveries irrespective of geographical locations. Whether clients are based regionally or internationally, our logistics framework guarantees swift and reliable delivery, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted project timelines

By focusing on these aspects, Censtry Electronics reinforces its commitment to excellence, reliability, and unparalleled service in the electronic components industry

Embracing Diversity: Building a Culture of Inclusion and Success

Our team members come from different cultural backgrounds and social experiences, which gives us a greater understanding of and respect for various perspectives and cultures. We strive to create an inclusive, equal and open work environment where everyone can realize their full potential and feel valued.


  • gbt27922
  • iso45001
  • iso9001
  • iso37001