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Ice Components, Inc

Ice Components, Inc

Founded by engineers, ICE Components develops magnetics for advanced power applications. ICE Components works closely with IC manufacturers to understand the complexities and problems faced by customers so it can design and develop innovative components such as power inductors, output power chokes, off-line transformers, gate drive transformers, current sense transformers, SMT power inductors, common mode chokes, differential mode chokes, and line filters.
ICE Components is a leading supplier of advanced power solutions to companies in the United States and abroad, which has more than 25 years history. It was founded by professional engineers for engineers. It dedicates to deliver innovative and cost effective design solutions, moreover, providing best in class support throughout the product acquisition cycle. ICE Components aims to be a one-stop shop for today’s time pressed engineers by providing a range of choices within each product category. The main products of ICE Components are including Power Inductors, Output Power Chokes, Off-line Transformers, Gate Drive Transformers, Current Sense Transformers, SMT Power Inductors, Common Mode Chokes, Differential Mode Chokes and Line Filters. In addition, ICE Components' services consist of SMPS Transformer Design, Rapid Prototyping, Plastic Injection Molding, and Ferrite Core Tooling. As for the customer solution, engineers will offer solid support in the early stages of customers' design in order to help them find the most efficient, cost competitive solution. Most engineers’ expertise can not be surpassed by the others in this industry. ICE Components values the quality of the products most. People believe that quality is not an end goal but a process of constant improvement. ICE Components is ISO 14001: 2004 registered. ICE Components will still improve itself to be more professional in the future.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)