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X-FAB enhances its automotive embedded flash memory products in its 180nm high-voltage CMOS technology product portfolio.

April 23, 2021


Beijing, China, April 15, 2021-X-FAB Silicon Foundries ("X-FAB"), a globally recognized excellent foundry for analog/mixed signal and optoelectronic semiconductor solutions, today announced that it has established its XP018 high voltage ( HV) The automotive product process introduced a new flash memory function. This new flash memory IP utilizes X-FAB's widely-proven silicon nitride oxide (SONOS) technology-this technology has a higher level of performance and first-class reliability, and fully complies with the stringent AEC100-Grade 0 automotive specifications. It can withstand the temperature range of -40°C to 175°C, and fully supports the functional safety level specified by ISO 26262. The array size is 32KB, with 8K×39-bit configuration, with a 32-bit data bus; the other 7 bits are dedicated to error code correction (ECC) to ensure zero-defect field reliability.


X-FAB's proprietary XSTI embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) IP test interface has also been included to achieve a complete serial connection to the memory.

This automotive-grade flash memory IP can run on a single 1.8V power supply and is very suitable for low-power designs. The newly added built-in self-test (BIST) module is essential for effective memory testing and comprehensive product debugging. If necessary, X-FAB can also provide customers with complete NVM testing services.

"This new IP solution further enriches X-FAB's embedded flash memory product portfolio for the 180nm open technology platform; the platform has a variety of voltages and wafer materials to choose from, expanding our product lineup to the market and enabling We can meet the needs of customers in more applications." X-FAB NVM development director Thomas Ramsch said, "In the case of low power consumption and need to adapt to challenging environments, it will have special value."

"The new embedded flash memory function added to the existing X-FAB platform will achieve a smaller area ratio, which will bring more obvious benefits to our customers. In addition, the modular approach of XP018 means that it only requires Fewer mask layers. Both of these factors will help drive significant cost optimization." Nando Basile, Technical Marketing Manager of NVM Solutions at X-FAB, added, "The new flash memory IP means that XP018 can now be A cost-effective way to deal with mixed-signal and high-voltage applications that require additional logic content and computing resources. This will be particularly suitable for battery-powered devices, such as portable or autonomous smart sensors; and play in the fields of healthcare, industry, consumer, and the Internet of Things Great potential."