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With higher bandwidth and lower latency, new NXP wireless MCU products are on the market.

May 28, 2020


Kw39/38/37 added features such as bluetooth 5.0 long-distance transmission and bluetooth advertising channel expansion.Seamless migration of hardware, software and tool compatibility with the previous product, kw34/35/36, while supporting all new features of low-power bluetooth 5.0.

Low-power bluetooth products designed with this MCU can support data communication over a distance of more than one mile, and increase the number of bluetooth broadcast channels to enable data broadcast that meets bluetooth standards and mainstream IoT protocols.The kw39/38/37 wireless MCU provides developers with solutions for emerging digital applications in the automotive and industrial sectors.

The kw39/38/37 wireless MCU hardware and software are designed according to automotive and industrial standards and are integrated with can-fd peripherals with stable communication functions.The series is ideal for automotive applications such as keyless entry, sensors and wireless onboard diagnostics.In addition, a variety of industrial applications can be realized, such as building control and monitoring, fire prevention and safety, home and institutional health care, asset management and monitoring, and a variety of other industrial applications.

The kw39/38/37 series has first-class rf performance and excellent reception sensitivity, enabling long distance low power bluetooth connection.For example, the reception sensitivity of 105 dBM and the 125 kbits/s LE encoding mode allow for harsh environments and bluetooth connections over longer distances.In addition, the RF can easily support any master/slave combination of 8 secure connections simultaneously, allowing multiple authorized users to communicate with the device.The series MCU's data stream buffer is an innovative way to capture rf parameters without pausing the processor or DMA, enabling the high-precision measurements required for distance and Angle estimation.

NXP's MCUXpresso suite of tools USES a certified low-power bluetooth protocol stack to support application programming interface (API) calls.The new kw39/38/37 MCU is compatible with the previous generation in both hardware and software, shortening the design cycle.In addition, the KW38 MCU integrates FlexCAN seamlessly into an industrial CAN communication network or vehicle on-board network.The FlexCAN module supports CAN's flexible data transfer rate (CAN FD) for higher bandwidth and lower latency.

The kw39/38/37 wireless MCU has rf peripherals that support low-power bluetooth version 5.0 protocol and universal FSK function, has remote data communication capability, complies with aec-q100 level 2 standard and industry certification, and has excellent durability and high performance for applications that emphasize safety

· performance enhancements for rf transmission power and reception sensitivity, including :(1) -105 dBm low power bluetooth reception sensitivity (typical value at 125 kbit/s);(2) -98 dBm low power bluetooth reception sensitivity (typical value, when the rate is 1 Mbit/s) (3) -101 dBm universal FSK reception sensitivity (typical value, when the rate is 250 kbit/s);(4) +5 dBm maximum transmit output power, provides higher link budget, helps ensure long distance communication and high disturbance immunity

· aes-128 accelerator: fast encryption/decryption true random number generator, which is used for the algorithm operation required for network entry and data transmission of supported network protocols

· the 7 x 7 mm 48HVQFN "wettable side crawl" package enhances 512 kB flash memory and 64 kB SRAM with ECC capability, providing ample space for protocol stacks, applications, and custom user firmware