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What are the termination methods for EMI power filters?

December 24, 2020


EMI power filters are equipped with input and output terminals in order to connect with related equipment. Because related equipment has different requirements, there are several types of terminals to choose from. They are: lead type, pin type, and soldering piece type. , Bolt type, fence type, patch type, copper bar type and socket type, etc. Special connection methods can also be customized.


They are generally applicable to the following occasions:

Lead wire type: When users use it, they can directly use the lead wire provided by the filter to connect with related equipment, so it is convenient for users to use. If the lead wire length provided by the filter is not enough, it can be mentioned in the order contract.

Pin-in type: It is a special EMI power filter designed for printed circuit boards, which can be directly plugged into the PCB board, so it is generally small in size.

Welding piece type: The material is brass nickel plated. Its shape and thickness can be matched with a special wiring clamp, so once the EMI power filter is fixed, it can be quickly connected to the pre-prepared wire with the wiring clamp Insert the connection. Therefore, it is more suitable for scale production.

Bolt type: Because the connection is relatively firm and reliable, it is more suitable for equipment that works in motion, such as military equipment, vehicles, ships, etc. At the same time, as the cross section of the bolt increases, the operating current that can be carried also increases, and there is a wide operating current range, especially for EMI power filters with extremely large currents.

Fence type: similar to the bolt type, the connection is firmer and more reliable; with the increase of the screw cross section, the carrying working current increases, and the current maximum working current that can be carried is about 100A. Its biggest feature is that due to its fence structure, a safety cover can be installed on the fence structure to prevent workers from accidentally touching the terminals and getting an electric shock during work.

SMT market: As we all know, SMD components are produced with the emergence of integrated circuits. It goes without saying that they are micro-miniature components. Of course, SMD EMI power filters are no exception. The EMI power filter with relatively comprehensive performance is still in the development stage. Our company is currently limited to DC EMI power filters ≤6A.

Copper busbar: The material is red copper busbar, which is convenient for high-current connection, safe and reliable.

Socket type: International standard IEC950 socket, small size and easy installation.