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Ultra-mini sensor without battery power supply.

March 29, 2021


For many years, researchers and designers have hoped to have such a sensor-it can collect energy from the surrounding environment without relying on batteries to work! The biggest problem with a battery-based sensor is that it must be replaced after the battery is exhausted. This is not only troublesome, but also reduces the usability of the sensor. Recently, a group of researchers from the Netherlands finally developed a sensor that does not require battery power. Let us take a look.


This ultra-mini sensor is only 2 square microns in size and is a wireless temperature sensor. Its magic is that it can be connected through wireless network communication to absorb the energy in the radio wave for use! However, the need to rely on radio wave signals means that it must be placed very close to the wireless router, otherwise it will not be able to perform energy conversion smoothly.

Researchers are currently working hard to make the working range of this sensor as far as possible from the router. Initially, the distance between the sensor and the router must be within one foot, and the researchers plan to expand this distance to 10 feet within a year. The ultimate goal is to be able to extend the distance to 16 feet. If this goal can be achieved, we will have the opportunity to witness a new generation of network-powered sensors.

Another very eye-catching aspect of this technology is that its cost is not high, only 20 cents apiece. From the current point of view, the technology of this sensor is not mature enough for commercial use, and this sensor is not yet equipped in marketed products. However, once the distance problem is resolved, we have reason to believe that it will be greatly welcomed by the market.