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Toshiba has launched a product dominated by small SMD MOSFETs—XPN3R804NC

August 17, 2021


MOSFET is the most basic component in the circuit. With its fast switching speed, low turn-on voltage, and simple voltage drive, it is widely used in various electronic fields, including automotive electronics.

As we all know, the automotive electronics field has strict requirements for the control of electronic products and components. For example, the anti-interference ability of electronic products should be strong to prevent the car from being interfered and cause system failure; the volume of electronic products should be as small as possible to Adapt to the limitations of the car's volume; under normal operation, it must not have excessive noise and electromagnetic interference to prevent interference with other electronic equipment on the car.

Therefore, Toshiba has launched a small chip TSON Advance (WF) packaged MOSFET-led product, XPN3R804NC, in response to the above requirements to solve the problems of large equipment, poor anti-interference ability, and low efficiency in the automotive electronics field. .

Electrical characteristics analysis

XPN3R804NC has the following characteristics:

Adopt the small chip TSON Advance (WF) package with solderable flank pin structure, the size is reduced to 3.3mm×3.6mm (typical value);

Low on-resistance: RDS (ON) = 3.8mΩ (maximum value) @VGS = 10V (XPN3R804NC);

Low leakage current: IDSS=10µA (maximum) (VDS=40V);

Enhanced MOS: Vth=1.5V-2.5V (VDS=10V, ID=0.3mA);

Comply with AEC-Q101 certification.


Structural characteristics analysis

What XPN3R804NC uses is Toshiba's 8th generation U-MOSⅧ-H structure, which is a high-speed trench structure MOSFET. U-MOSⅧ-H is one of the high-efficiency MOSFET series, which is mainly used in the design of AC-DC and DC-DC power supply circuits.

U-MOSⅧ-H adopts the latest trench MOS technology and optimized device structure design to achieve an excellent balance between on-resistance and capacitance (such as input, reverse transmission and output capacitance). Moreover, the U-MOSⅧ-H structure adopted can help improve power efficiency. Compared with the previous old products, in addition to reducing equipment power consumption, it can also reduce radiation noise. It is very suitable for application in the field of automotive electronics.

Application scenario

XPN3R804NC can be used in automotive equipment, switching regulators, DC-DC converters and motor drivers with its advantages of high power efficiency, low power consumption, small SMD TSON Advance (WF) package and strong anti-interference ability. Among the products in the field of automotive electronics.