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The RTX 3060 Ti will have three HDMI and three DP ports.

November 27, 2020


In another week, NVIDIA will officially release a more mainstream new generation of Ampere graphics card RTX3060TI, and various non-public versions are also in intense preparations.

Today we saw Gigabyte’s RTX3060TIAORUSMASTER. The most special thing is that it is equipped with six output ports, including three HDMI and three DisplayPort. In contrast, the public version and almost all non-public versions are one HDMI and three DisplayPort.


However, it should be noted that two of the three HDMIs are version 2.1 and the other is version 2.0b. The reason may be related to the display output bandwidth.

In addition, it has an 8+6 pin auxiliary power supply interface.

RTX3060TI will use GA104-200 core, 4864 stream processors, core frequency 1410/1665MHz, with 256-bit 8GBGDDR6 memory, equivalent frequency 14GHz, whole card power consumption 200W, and expected performance can surpass RTX2080Super.