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The new Congatec module based on the 11th generation Intel Core processor is for outdoor and in-car applications.

December 02, 2020


The new favorite in extreme temperature environments

Shanghai, China, 1December2020*** Congatec Germany, a leading supplier of embedded and edge computing technology, has launched six new computer modules using the 11th generation Intel Core processor to support a wider temperature environment. The new COM-HPC and COMExpressType6 computer modules use high-quality components, can withstand temperatures from -40 to +85°C, and provide all the functions and services required for stable operation in harsh environments.

This value-for-money solution includes rugged passive cooling options, optional protective coatings (resistant to corrosion caused by moisture or condensation), reference carrier roadmaps that support extended temperature ranges, and corresponding component lists for maximum reliability Sex. The impressive technical features of the program are supplemented by comprehensive services, including temperature screening, high-speed signal compatibility testing, and special customized services, as well as a full set of training courses to simplify the application of Congatec’s embedded computing technology.

Typical applications of the new industrial-grade COM-HPC and COMExpress modules include various ruggedized applications, outdoor edge devices, and in-vehicle devices. These applications increasingly use embedded vision and artificial intelligence (AI) functions, while Konka Especially in these areas can provide comprehensive support. Typical vertical markets include industrial automation, railways and transportation, smart infrastructure (including power, oil, and natural gas), portable ambulance equipment, telecommunications, security and video surveillance, and more.

These new modules are based on the new low-power, high-density TIgerLake system-on-chip, suitable for a wider temperature range, and have significantly enhanced CPU performance. With advanced PCIeGen4 and USB4 ports, they have nearly three times the GPU performance. High-demand graphics and computing tasks benefit from its 4 cores, 8 threads and 96 graphics execution units, which can achieve massively parallel processing throughput in an ultra-rugged form factor. Its integrated graphics card can be used as a parallel processing unit for convolutional neural networks (CNN) or as an AI and deep learning accelerator. Through the Intel OpenVINO software package and with its optimized calls to OpenCV, OpenCL™ cores and other industrial tools/databases, workloads can be distributed to CPU, GPU, and FPGA computing units to accelerate AI tasks (including computer vision, audio, and dialogue , Language) and reasoning decision suggestion system.

Its TDP can be adjusted between 12-28W, which enables immersive 4K ultra-high-definition system design to be realized with only passive heat dissipation. The super rugged conga-HPC/cTLUCOM-HPC module and conga-TC570COMExpressType6 module with powerful performance are designed with real-time functions and provide real-time virtual machine monitoring support from Real-TImeSystems for virtual machine deployment and edge computing scenarios. Workload consolidation.


Andreas Bergbauer, product manager of Congatec, said: “As far as standards-based products are concerned, service and support are undoubtedly the key. This is why we launch ruggedized products for various edge applications in extreme environments and build a comprehensive ecosystem for all products. Where. This includes real-time computing optimization, such as time sensitive network (TSN), timing coordinated computing (TCC) and RTS real-time system virtual machine monitor, remote management and various necessary signal compatibility services-because of the use of PCIeGen4 and USB4 high-speed Signal transmission is still a daunting challenge today, which also makes the task of carrier board design more complicated."

Specification details

The conga-HPC/cTLUCOM-HPCClientSizeA module and the conga-TC570COMExpressCompact module use the scalable new 11th generation Intel Core processor, supporting extreme temperatures from -40 to +85°C. The two modules support PCIeGen4x4 for the first time, which can connect peripheral devices with a large bandwidth. In addition, designers still have 8 PCIeGen3.0 channels available. The COM-HPC module provides the latest 2xUSB4.0, 2xUSB3.2Gen2, and 8xUSB2.0; the COMExpress module provides 4xUSB3.2Gen2 and 8xUSB2.0, both of which conform to the PICMG standard. In terms of network, COM-HPC can reach 2.5GbEx2, while COMExpress is GbEx1, both of which support TSN. In terms of audio support, COM-HPC has I2S and SoundWire interfaces, while COMExpress has HDA interfaces. The board fully supports all mainstream operating systems, including Linux, Windows and Chrome, as well as Hypervisor of RealTImeSystems.

COM-HPC and COMExpressCompactType6 modules based on the 11th generation Intel Core processor support the following three wide temperature CPU models: