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The advantages and disadvantages of U disk/mobile hard disk/mobile hard disk box.

February 04, 2021


Computers have already entered our daily life and work. Whenever and wherever we will enjoy the convenience that computers bring us. The development of the Internet allows us to receive information and data from all over the world at any time. Because we often need to carry some data and other data in life and work, external storage devices have appeared as early as more than ten years. It is a USB flash drive.


Technology is developing and computer equipment is also being updated. As the data we need to store becomes larger and larger, the capacity of the U disk can no longer meet our life and work needs, and many new storage devices have already been born. Mobile hard drives are among the best. The large capacity and the convenience of carrying make it basically meet our life and work needs. And now there are more mobile hard disk derivatives, such as mobile hard disk boxes. What are their differences and benefits? Today, the editor will analyze their advantages and disadvantages with you, so that we can better meet our needs when choosing these products.

U Disk:

U disk, the full name is USB flash disk, the English name is "USBflashdisk". It is a micro high-capacity mobile storage product that uses a USB interface and does not require a physical drive. It is connected to the computer through the USB interface to achieve plug and play.

Advantages: small size, easy to carry, low price.

The size of the USB flash drive is small and easy to carry. We usually put the USB flash drive on the keychain, and we don't find it burdensome. It is very convenient to use and take out at any time. And the price of the U disk is also very cheap. The current market price is about tens of dollars to buy a relatively good U disk.

Disadvantages: small capacity, easy to lose and damage, slow transmission speed

U disk is also accompanied by a disadvantage due to its compact size. It is easy to lose. People often lose the U disk inadvertently. In addition, improper use or poor quality of the product causes the damage rate of the U disk to rise rapidly. . Another important point is that although the USB 3.0 transmission speed is relatively faster, it is still much worse than the mobile hard disk.

Applicable people: Suitable for people who store more documents, such as teachers, students, and offices.

Mobile hard disk:

Mobile harddisk (MobileHarddisk) is a storage product that uses hard disk as the storage medium to exchange large-capacity data between computers and emphasizes portability.

Advantages: large capacity, fast speed, easy to use

The mobile hard disk can be said to make up for the shortcomings of the small capacity of the U disk, and has the ability to store large-capacity data. Although the volume is much larger than that of the U disk, it is still convenient to carry. The fast read and write speed is also very cost-effective.

Disadvantages: high price, easy to damage, difficult to restore data

The price of mobile hard drives is generally too high, and they are afraid of falling, bumping, vibration, and water. Once it is difficult to repair physical bad sectors, data recovery cannot be guaranteed.

Applicable people: Mobile hard drives are mainly used for mobile office and mobile storage. Music and video producers often save a lot of information. There are also photography enthusiasts and professional designers, and people who like to watch movies.

portable hardisk:

The mobile hard disk box should not appear in this article, but the mobile hard disk box that suddenly became popular I will also introduce to you here. The mobile hard disk box actually plays a role in protecting a hard disk, and at the same time uses a convenient connection method to realize the role of a mobile hard disk.

Advantages: low price, can effectively use the obsolete hard disk.

The mobile hard disk box does not have any storage space. It only provides an interface. We need to put a hard disk in it to play the role of a mobile hard disk. But I don't recommend everyone to buy a new mobile hard disk + box to use. Everyone knows that computer solid-state hard drives have matured in recent years, and their prices have become more affordable. And most of our computers are still using mechanical hard drives. Upgrading computer solid state drives will also become a trend. We can completely assemble the replaced mechanical hard disk with a mobile hard disk box and use it as a mobile hard disk. Even solid state drives that many friends have eliminated can be put in the box. If there is an idle hard drive, it is more appropriate to match a box with dozens of dollars in order not to waste it.

The small box has also been greatly developed. The current mobile hard disk box even has dual hard disk slots. Inserting two hard disks realizes data transfer between hard disks, which plays a great role in data transfer after replacing the computer.

Applicable people: suitable for people with extra hard drives