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STMicroelectronics has introduced Power Delivery and PPS reference designs that can output 27W.

March 02, 2021


STMicroelectronics has launched a USBType-C™PowerDelivery3.0 reference design that supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS), with a maximum output power of 27W, and zero power consumption without connecting the charging cable, which can speed up the easy-to-use, compact and efficient Power adapter design. USBPPS helps to save power, reduce device charging time and heat dissipation, and reduce the cost of the bill of materials on the device side.


The STEVAL-USBPD27S reference design integrates the STM32G071 microcontroller (MCU), the most advanced PWM controller STCH03 and TCPP01-M12USBType-C protection IC. Among them, the STM32G071 monolithic integrated USBType-CPowerDelivery controller with complete functions. This reference design allows users to quickly develop USB fast charging source adapters to meet the requirements of the European Union energy efficiency standard EuropeanCoCV5TIer-2 and the US energy efficiency standard DOELevelVI that the minimum average working energy efficiency and standby power consumption are less than 40mW.

STM32G071MCU handles the functions of the entire digital control part, including the secondary side VBUS voltage control algorithm, and ST's unique patented adaptive synchronous rectification algorithm, thereby improving the charging efficiency. The VBUS control algorithm complies with USBType-C power supply and PPS specifications, and realizes cable voltage drop compensation to accurately control the power supply voltage. PPS can gradually adjust the output voltage value in 20mV steps between 3.3V-11V, and gradually adjust the current limit value in 50mA steps to minimize the power conversion loss during charging.

As an MCU-based solution, the reference design provides users with more design flexibility, can realize other customized application layers, and introduce upgrade and improvement functions of the USBPowerDelivery standard.

The power stage of the STEVAL-USBPD27S circuit board uses ST's highly integrated STCH03PWM controller, which has a built-in high-voltage startup circuit, primary-side constant-current output regulation and advanced power management functions. For the design of quasi-resonant zero-voltage switching (ZVS) flyback converter, STCH03 ensures that the power converter has high energy efficiency, ultra-low standby power consumption and excellent dynamic performance.

STD7N65M6MDmeshM6 primary side high voltage STPOWERMOSFET optimizes the switching performance of soft switching and hard switching modes, bringing extremely high energy efficiency to application design.

Finally, TCPP01-M12 provides ±8kVESD electrostatic discharge protection for USBVBUS pins and configuration channel (CC) pins, which meets the level 4 safety requirements of IEC61000-4-2. There is also a short-circuit protection function between the VBUS pin and the CC pin, and a protection function for equipment damage caused by misuse of a bad wire.

STEVAL-USBPD27S is a small and compact ready-to-use evaluation board module with an appearance size of 59mmx35mmx21mm and a power density of 10.2W per cubic inch.