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Renesas Electronics launches sensor Signal Conditioning Node (SSC) ZSSC3240 for industry 4.0, healthcare and Internet of Things sensor applications

May 22, 2020


The newest member of Renesas leading SSC portfolio, the ZSSC3240 delivers precision, sensitivity and flexibility to sensor applications such as resistive pressure sensors and medical infrared thermometers.This new SSC product features top-notch performance and speed, as well as up to 24-bit ADC resolution.With a flexible sensor front end and an extensive output interface, the ZSSC3240 can be applied to almost all types of resistive and absolute voltage sensor elements, helping customers develop complete sensing platforms based on a single SSC device

The above performance and small size make the ZSSC3240 very suitable for industrial, consumer and medical and other sensor-based equipment, including industrial pressure transmitters, HVAC sensors, scales, factory automation equipment, smart meters and continuous intelligent health monitoring equipment.

Uwe Guenther, Senior Director of Sensor Solutions for Renesas Electronics Emerging Markets, said, "With the ZSSC3240 SSC, we combine best-in-class technology, expertise and leading IP to create an all-in-one solution that allows product designers to easily build a complete sensor platform based on a single device.Customers will be able to leverage SSC's leading capabilities, small size, and flexible configuration for the next generation of sensor-based devices to enable smart factories, smart buildings, smart energy, and smart healthcare.

Micromechanical and silicon-based sensing elements mainly provide nonlinear and very small signals and require special techniques to convert sensor signals into linear outputs.The ZSSC3240 SSC simplifies the design and production of sensor interfaces by providing programmable, high-precision, wide-gain and quantization functions combined with powerful high-order digital correction and linearization algorithms.

High-performance, flexible sensor front-end configuration and analog output options will make the design of a sensor platform based on a monolithic IC easier and easier.These features help customers balance the cost of SSC with the many different feature sensors.

Key features of the ZSSC3240 SSC

Up to 24-bit ADC resolution, providing excellent accuracy to compensate sensor measurements

Supports high gain analog front ends up to 540V/V

Integrated 26-bit DSP for high precision sensor calibration

Provide 4-20mA current loop output, analog voltage output, support I2C, SPI, OWI and other digital interfaces

On-chip diagnostic function for medical and safety applications