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Q3 The world's top 15 semiconductor manufacturers, Samsung ranked first again!

September 14, 2021



According to the latest ICInsights survey, Samsung Electronics has benefited from the strong demand for memory chips and continued to be the global semiconductor output champion in the third quarter. The second and third places are Intel and TSMC. According to estimates, Intel’s sales in the third quarter are higher than the previous quarter. The decline was 3%, making it the only company among the top 15 semiconductor factories to decline.

Statistics show that Samsung’s semiconductor sales in the third quarter reached 22.32 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 10% quarter-on-quarter, surpassing rival Intel and firmly sitting on the market leader.

Intel’s semiconductor sales in Q3 this year are estimated to reach 18.78 billion U.S. dollars, a quarterly decrease of 3%.

TSMC’s Q3 semiconductor sales amount is estimated to reach US$14.75 billion, a quarterly increase of 11%, ranking third.

IC Insights estimates that SK Hynix’s output value in the third quarter was estimated to reach 10.13 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 10%, ranking fourth, while Micron Technology’s output value reached 8.46 billion US dollars, ranking fifth in a quarterly increase of 10%.

IC Insights estimates that Q3 sales of the world's top 15 semiconductor suppliers will reach 111.52 billion U.S. dollars, a quarterly increase of 7%.

The report also mentioned that semiconductor demand is expected to remain strong until the end of the year, which also supports the current IC Insights forecast that global semiconductor sales will increase by 24% this year.