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Pomona Electronics test and measurement connectors and accessories, combination kits and sample trial activities started.

March 22, 2021


PomonaElectronics-70 years of high-quality connectors and test accessories, the solution to high-reliability signals! Founded in 1951, it is committed to providing high-quality, high-stability, and high-reliability signal transmission connectors and accessories for users all over the world. They are mainly used in engineering research and development, laboratory testing, field service, factory maintenance and other occasions. Meet the comprehensive electronic testing needs of engineers.

Chinese engineers like to call PomonaElectronics aerospace parts.

Before officially introducing PomonaElectronics' products and solutions, let's first understand: "What is a signal?"

Signal: It is a tool for carrying messages and a carrier of messages. Broadly speaking: including optical signals, acoustic signals and electrical signals. The ancient people used the billowing smoke generated by lighting the beacon to convey the news of the enemy's invasion to the distant army. This is a light signal; when we speak, sound waves are transmitted to the ears of others to make others understand our intentions. This is a sound signal; All kinds of radio waves traveling in space, electric currents in the telephone network extending in all directions, etc., can be used to express various messages to distant places, which are electrical signals.

Electrical signal refers to the voltage or current that changes with time, so it can be expressed as a function of time in mathematical description, and its waveform can be drawn. Since non-electric physical quantities can be easily converted into electrical signals by various sensors, and electrical signals are easy to transmit and control, it becomes the most widely used signal.

PomonaElectronics product solutions-15 product categories, a total of more than 2000 models

·Banana plugs and jacks

The nickel-plated plug has a brass body and a heat-treated beryllium copper spring, and is insulated with nylon and ABS, which can meet the harsh electrical characteristics.

Banana plugs have been gradually applied to industrial equipment, teaching equipment, power testing, radio models, medical equipment, automotive testing, audio equipment and other fields due to their excellent electrical performance, simple assembly method, and low-priced finished products.


· Jumper wires and test wires: prefabricated cables used to transmit electronic and low-frequency signals

Abundant jumpers and test leads are designed to achieve reliable and convenient connections. Whether you need test leads that can connect IC pins and effectively prevent short circuits, or need jumpers that support overlap, there is always one suitable for you!


·RF radio frequency coaxial connectors, adapters and kits

PomonaElectronics has all the accessories from a high-reliability single radio frequency (RF) adapter to a universal kit, stored in a lightweight, foam-protected instrument case, which includes all the connections and terminals you may need. Small size MCX, MMCX, SMA and SMB connectors support reliable connections in today's narrow spaces.


·RF coaxial cable assembly

Whether it is a laboratory, factory or field, PomonaElectronics is your professional choice. Relying on high-quality materials such as beryllium copper, gold-plated and nickel-plated, the accuracy is reliable. PomonaElectronics has a wide range of cable and patch cord products to choose from, realizing almost any combination of connectors and fixtures, and providing you with solutions suitable for any application.


·Wire hook and test clamp

The PomonaElectronics test fixture supports quick connection of original test leads, terminal blocks and IC pins. The specially designed probe can be easily inserted into the winding terminal. Users can use the DIYGrabber test clamp to quickly assemble the test fixture.


·Digital multimeter accessories and sets

PomonaElectronics works closely with the industry's leading digital multimeter brands to provide the world's most abundant selection of test leads and probes. High-quality materials and excellent design ensure compliance with industry-leading reliability and performance standards. From high-density IC pins to distribution board voltage lines, PomonaElectronics can provide you with the right solution.

·Basic probe/meter lead

·Modular probe/meter lead

·Alligator Clip

·4-wire Kelvin test pen

·Multimeter set


·Junction box and enclosure

From configuring system electronic components to building circuit prototypes, PomonaElectronics can provide you with the junction boxes and enclosures you need to ensure that sensitive cables and wiring are sealed. A variety of die-cast aluminum housings with connectors and phenolic resin or molded thermal plastic junction boxes can accommodate various styles and sizes of components, simplifying your connection work.


·Surface Mount Device (SMD)/Microelectronics Testing

Components and circuit boards are becoming smaller and smaller. PomonaElectronics has specially designed test clips and test lines for electronic testing, including a variety of 2mm connectors that support crowded spaces, and test clips as small as 0.2mm chip solder pitch. Jumper wires and even a complete SMD test kit.


·IC test clamps and adapters

IC test clamp, converted to chip design-simple, firm, thin, small solder pitch, densely mounted circuit board or vertical circuit board.


·Oscilloscope probe and accessories

·Automotive test

·Static control


·Telecom Products

As an authorized distributor of PomonaElectronics, Heilind can provide relevant services and support to the market. In addition, Heilind also supplies products from many world-class manufacturers, covering 25 different component categories, and attaches importance to all market segments and all customers. Constantly seek a wide range of product supplies to cover all markets.