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Performance characteristics and scope of application of the PWM step-down DC/DC converter LT3508.

December 23, 2020


The LT3508's low VCESAT (300mV at 1.4A) internal switch has an efficiency of up to 89%, minimizing heat problems. The two converters of the LT3508 can be synchronized with a shared external clock input or internal oscillator, and maintain a 180o phase shift between the two channels to reduce input voltage ripple. The internal 0.80V reference can be used to generate an output voltage lower than 1V, which is required to power the latest generation of low-voltage DSPs and microcontrollers. Independent tracking, soft-start, and Power-Good circuits make power sequencing easy. The low dropout internal switch achieves a duty cycle of up to 98%, while the internal cycle-by-cycle current limit protects the device from output short circuits. Low current (<2uA) shutdown extends the operating time of battery-powered systems.

The LT3508EUF and LT3508EFE in thermally enhanced 4mmx4mmQFN-24 or TSSOP-16E packages are available from stock.


Summary of Features: LT3508

Wide input range: 3.7V to 36V (up to 40V)

Two 1.4A output switching regulators with internal power switches

Adjustable 250kHz to 2.5MHz switching frequency

Can be synchronized across the entire frequency range

Inverting switch reduces ripple

Using small inductors and ceramic capacitors

Accurate programmable undervoltage lockout

Independent tracking, soft start and power good circuits simplify power sequencing

The output can be adjusted down to 800mV

Small 4mmx4mm 24-pin QFN or 16-pin thermally enhanced TSSOP surface mount package