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NVIDIA BlueField-3, leading the trend of data center infrastructure.

April 14, 2021


The first 400Gb/s full wire-speed software-defined network, storage and network security DPU.


NVIDIA®BlueField®-3DPU data processor provides powerful software-defined networking, storage and network security acceleration functions for data centers.

Santa Clara, California-GTC Conference-April 12, 2021 Pacific Time-NVIDIA today released a new generation of data processor NVIDIA® BlueField®-3DPU, providing powerful software-defined networking, storage and networking for data centers Safety acceleration function.

BlueField-3 is the first DPU designed for AI and accelerated computing, helping enterprises to achieve industry-leading performance and data center security in applications of any scale. This DPU is optimized for multi-tenant, cloud-native environments, and provides data center-level software-defined and hardware-accelerated network, storage, security, and management services.

The data center service provided by a BlueField-3DPU can be equivalent to the service that can be realized by up to 300 CPU cores, thereby freeing up valuable CPU resources to run critical business applications.

NVIDIA founder and CEO Huang Renxun said at the GPU Technology Conference: "Modern ultra-large-scale cloud technology promotes the data center from the foundation to a new architecture, using a new type of processor specifically designed for data center infrastructure software. To offload and accelerate the huge computing load generated by virtualization, networking, storage, security, and other cloud-native AI services. BlueFieldDPU was born for this."

BlueField-3 and Morpheus make you safe and secure from now on.

BlueField-3DPU can uninstall and isolate the infrastructure services of the data center from business applications, realizing the transformation from traditional infrastructure to a modern "zero trust"-based environment, and can authenticate each user in the data center to ensure This improves the security of the enterprise from the cloud to the core data center to the edge, and at the same time has a greater improvement in efficiency and performance.

As the industry's first 400G Ethernet and NDRInfiniBandDPU, BlueField-3 has excellent network performance. Compared with the previous generation product, it has 10 times accelerated computing power, 16 ArmA78 CPU cores, and 4 times the encryption speed. BlueField-3 is also the first DPU to support the fifth-generation PCIe bus and provide data center time synchronization acceleration.

BlueField-3 can provide NVIDIA Morpheus with real-time network visualization, network threat detection and response, as well as monitoring, telemetry and proxy services. Morpheus is an advanced AI-based cloud-native network security platform that will be launched simultaneously today.


BlueField-3 utilizes the advantages of the NVIDIADOCA™ (integrated data center on chip architecture) software development kit to provide developers with a complete and open software platform to develop software-defined and hardware-accelerated network, storage, security, and Management and other applications.

DOCA has been released today and is available for download. It includes a runtime environment that uses BlueFieldDPU to create, compile and optimize applications, an orchestration tool for configuring, upgrading, and monitoring thousands of DPUs in the entire data center, as well as various libraries, APIs, and Various applications have been added, such as deep packet inspection and load balancing.

NVIDIADPU application ecosystem

Leading server manufacturers Dell, Inspur, Lenovo and Supermicro are integrating BlueFieldDPU into their systems. Global cloud service providers are using BlueFieldDPU to accelerate their business, such as Baidu, JD and UCloud. With the support of many companies for BlueField-3, the BlueField ecosystem is also expanding. These companies include: leading hybrid cloud platform partners Canonical, RedHat and VMware; head network security providers ForTInet, Guardicore; storage provider DDN Ⓡ, NetApp and WekaIO; and edge platform providers Cloudflare, F5 and JuniperNetworks.

Red Hat Chief Technology Officer Chris Wright said: "As part of the open ecosystem, Red Hat continues to work with NVIDIA to provide the latest hardware support for reconfigurable infrastructure to accelerate innovation. We believe that the development of advanced network security and automation The solution is imperative, and I am very happy to be able to fully support BlueFieldDPU and NVIDIAMorpheusAI frameworks on Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat’s top container platform in the industry, and Kubernetes-based hybrid cloud platform.

Lee Caswell, Vice President of Marketing, VMware Cloud Platform Business Unit, said: "Our common customers are racing to use AI to empower their enterprise applications. Those enterprise infrastructures based on VMware Cloud FoundaTIon will be certified by the newly released NVIDIA BlueField-3DPU, and the purpose is to provide users with A new idea is to improve application performance, provide a consistent operating model for virtualized environments and bare metal environments, and provide a new zero-trust security model under the premise of ensuring business performance."

BlueField-2 is now available

BlueField-3 is fully backward compatible with BlueField-2, providing better data center application transfer, acceleration and isolation performance. BlueField-2 has two options of dual-port 100Gb/s Ethernet or dual-port 100Gb/s InfiniBand, and can support up to 8 Arm cores. BlueField-2DPU also integrates a variety of different acceleration engines to accelerate software-defined storage, network, security, streaming media, wire-speed TLS/IPSEC encryption, precise timing of 5G telecommunications, time synchronization of data centers, and other cloud infrastructure services, etc. .