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Micron's DDR5 further improves data center performance,

January 14, 2020


Micron Technology, Inc.  recently announced that the DDR5 depositary DIMM (RDIMM) using an industry-leading 1z nanometer process has begun producing samples.The DDR5 is by far the most technologically advanced DRAM, with at least an 85% increase in memory performance to handle the next generation of server load.While the architecture of today's data centers is providing an increasing number of processor cores, as well as greater memory bandwidth and capacity, DDR5 doubles memory density while increasing reliability.

"With data explosion in almost all application environments, data centers are increasingly challenged to extract value from the workload," said Tom Eby, senior vice President and general manager of Micron's computing and network products group. "higher performance, higher density, and better memory are key to addressing these workloads.Micron's DDR5 RDIMM is a significant step forward in helping the industry further enhance its next generation of data-centric applications

The rapidly growing number of data sets and computation-intensive application environments have led to more demanding workloads that have led to an increase in the number of processor cores, but current DRAM technologies cannot meet the bandwidth requirements.Compared to DDR4, the performance of DDR5 improved by more than 1.85 times.DDR5 also implements the reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) required for modern data centers.

As a global leader in memory technology, micron has over 40 years of expertise in design, manufacturing, delivery, and support to partners and customers worldwide.Meguiar's DDR5 SDRAM portfolio USES higher standards than ever before.