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Little knowledge of connector quality.

April 08, 2021


The design quality (quality) of the connector can be understood as reaching the design target level of the product, but it is not an easy process to reach the design target level. For example, the quality of the product target is determined during the design. The accurate design target requires the support of the customer, actively cooperates with repeated communication to reach a consensus in all aspects, and the understanding of the product design target must be completely consistent. Otherwise, this understanding is inconsistent. Even if the customer’s other related work is done well, the customer may not be very satisfied. This is the first step and prerequisite of the quality management link. If the design plan cannot meet the customer’s requirements for the design goal , This is the most common example of the connector design failing to meet the customer’s design goals.


Second, the quality of connector design specifications (quality)

The quality (quality) of the connector design specifications can be understood as the extent to which the design parameters (specifications) of the connector can reach the design intent, or the expression of the design can reach the design intent. Assuming that the electronic engineer intends to design a connector product during the connector design, the spacing and spacing tolerances have been positioned, but the marking on the drawing violates the design intent, which is likely to cause the connector to fail to match. In the case of poor quality of design specifications, connector product engineers encounter design goals that cannot achieve product functions well, so customers are dissatisfied with the functions of the products produced.

Third, the production quality (quality) of the connector

The production quality (quality) of the connector can be understood as the manufacturing level of the connector product, and the connector product produced can reach the level of design specifications. This is the meaning of the quality of our more common connectors. For example, for example, the length marked on the drawing of the connector shell produced is 10+/-0.1, but the length produced is 10.12, which indicates that the size is unqualified, which can also indirectly indicate the connection The production quality (quality) of the device cannot meet the requirements of product quality (quality).

The above is the three-layer meaning of the connector Weilun's introduction to the quality or quality of the connector product. I hope that the three-layer meaning of the quality or quality of the connector product can be helped by the people in need.