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Inventory of the four major hazards of electromagnetic interference.

January 21, 2021



1. Harm to human health

Due to long-term electromagnetic radiation interference, once the maximum human tolerance limit is exceeded, various health damages will be caused. At the same time, electromagnetic radiation can also cause serious health risks and health threats. This is mainly due to the fact that the radiant energy will directly act on specific human organs or human tissues, thereby producing prominent non-thermal effects or radiant heat effects. Under this premise, comprehensive prevention and control of potential electromagnetic radiation is also protecting human health, and this needs to arouse wider attention.

2. The inherent performance of electronic equipment is impaired

Some conductive electromagnetic interference will reduce the inherent operating efficiency of electronic equipment, or bring prominent disaster consequences. For example, for a variety of special medical equipment such as high-frequency scalpels or microwave electrotherapy equipment, if such equipment exhibits high-frequency spatial radiation, it is likely to reduce the performance of other equipment nearby. In severe cases, if the electronic equipment is in the same loop, it will present some sudden disasters.

3. Harm to electronic systems and equipment

Strong electromagnetic interference may damage sensitive electronic equipment due to overload. Generally, the reverse breakdown voltage between the emitter and base of a silicon transistor is 2~5V, which is easy to damage, and its reverse breakdown voltage increases with temperature. decline. The spike voltage caused by electromagnetic interference can increase the impurity concentration at a certain point in the emitter junction and the collector junction, resulting in transistor breakdown or internal short circuit.

4. Harm to weapons and equipment

Modern radio transmitters and radars can produce a strong electromagnetic radiation field, which can cause the sensitive electronic detonator installed in the weapon equipment system to run out of control and start prematurely; the guided missile will deviate from the flight trajectory and increase Distance error; for aircraft, it will cause operating system instability, inaccurate heading, error in altitude display, deviation of radar antenna tracking position, etc.

Judging from the status quo, all areas of daily life cannot be separated from electronic equipment, so the probability of electromagnetic interference causing harm is very high, so the rectification of EMC products cannot be ignored, which can effectively control product electromagnetic interference, so that products can enter better The market, more importantly, will not cause harm.