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Introduction of the latest research and development achievements of Xinhe Semiconductor in EDA software.

December 03, 2020


Chipset Semiconductor will participate in the 2020 China Integrated Circuit Design Industry Conference and Chongqing Integrated Circuit Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum (ICCAD 2020) held in Chongqing on December 10-11, 2020. Booth number is 033-034.

ICCAD is the most important annual event in China's integrated circuit design industry. This annual meeting will discuss in depth the opportunities and challenges faced by the integrated circuit industry, especially the integrated circuit design industry; enhance innovation capabilities and enhance the comprehensive capabilities of China's integrated circuit industry chain to meet market needs and improve international competitiveness. The conference will create a platform for exchanges and cooperation between companies in all aspects of the integrated circuit industry chain, and build a platform for companies from all over the world and in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, as well as related industry associations and intermediary organizations, to establish a partnership with IC design companies in Mainland China. An exchange platform for exchanging information and discussing cooperation in the fields of technology, market, application, and investment.


As one of the leading companies in the domestic EDA industry, Chipset Semiconductor will showcase its latest research and development results in EDA software, RF front-end filter chip and module design at this conference.

From chip, package to system, the whole industry chain simulation EDA solution

IC field

The core and RF-level high-performance analog design for mobile phone, interconnection and optical applications provides on-chip passive modeling and simulation, including:

· RFIC passive simulation

· Analog/digital-analog hybrid IC passive simulation

· RF PDK one-stop solution

Packaging field

The packaging modeling and simulation of Xinhe covers everything from low-cost packaging to high-performance packaging for mobile phone, network and server applications, including

· RF front-end module RFFEM simulation

· Advanced packaging simulation

· Heterogeneous integrated system-in-package simulation

System field

Xinhe has launched packaging and board-level solutions for high-frequency and high-speed systems of 5G base stations, servers, storage and networks, including:

· RF PCB system simulation

· High-speed digital system simulation

Leading EDA technology

Diversified filter technology

At the same time, Su Zhouxiang, the technical support manager of Xinhe Semiconductor, will also deliver a speech entitled "Challenges and Responses to Electromagnetic Simulation of Advanced Process Advanced Packaging" at the "EDA and IC Design Innovation" forum on the 11th, at 13:10 -13:30.

In addition, the core and 5G RF solutions will also be unveiled, covering the entire process from IC to packaging to modules, including: fast on-chip passive modeling and simulation tool IRIS, RF SiP extraction tool Metis, filter design tool XDS and IPD design from specification to mass production.