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Intel officially launched the 11th generation Intel Core S series desktop processors.

March 23, 2021


Led by the IntelCorei9-11900K flagship product, Intel announced that the 11th-generation IntelCoreS series of desktop processors (code-named RocketLake-S) was officially launched globally. With IntelThermalVelocityBoost, the maximum operating time pulse is 5.3GHz, IntelCorei9-11900K provides higher performance for gamers and PC performance players.


The 11th generation IntelCoreS series desktop processors based on the new CypressCove microarchitecture bring better hardware and software conversion efficiency, and improve the original game performance. Compared with the previous generation, the new microarchitecture brings a maximum 19% increase in the number of instructions per clock cycle (IPC) for the highest clock core. The IntelUHD graphics chip equipped with the IntelXe architecture has more media and intelligent graphics and display capabilities. Games and most applications still rely heavily on high-clock cores, which still play an important role in driving high frame rates and low latency.

Designed for games: With the 11th generation of desktop processors, Intel continues to push the performance of desktop computer games to the limit, providing players all over the world with the most amazing and immersive experience.

The flagship product of this series is the 11th generation IntelCorei9-11900K, which enjoys up to 5.3GHz, 8 cores, 16 threads, and Intel SmartCache capacity up to 16MB. The overclockable 11th-generation IntelCore desktop processor supports DDR4-3200 high-speed memory specifications, helping the platform to promote a smooth game process and seamless multi-tasking.

The improvements of this generation include a 19% increase in performance compared to the previous generation of IPC, and the IntelUHD graphics chip equipped with IntelXe architecture can increase the performance of the graphics chip by up to 50%. IntelDeepLearningBoost and VectorNeuralNetwork instructions support accelerated artificial intelligence (AI) inference, greatly improving the performance of deep learning workloads. The enhanced overclocking tools and functions enhance overclocking flexibility and performance tuning and user experience.

By working closely with more than 200 game developers, Intel has brought many games, development engines, intermediary software, and rendering optimizations to applications, enabling it to take advantage of the 11th generation IntelCoreS series processors and provide commands. Exciting gaming experience.

For superior tuning and stability, the 11th-generation IntelCore desktop processor has added new overclocking tools and functions, with more flexible tuning space, achieving unparalleled speed and superior gaming performance. This generation includes the real-time memory overclocking function, which enables it to adjust the DDR4 memory clock in real time. The H570 and B560 chipsets further support the memory overclocking function, allowing users to get a better experience through overclocking, AVX2 and AVX-512 Voltage protection and differential pressure override, the new integrated memory controller provides a wider timing adjustment range, and Gear2 support outside of Gear1 mode.

For media and streaming functions, the new 11th generation IntelCoreS series provides a rich media experience, from 3A-level game masterpieces to high-resolution streaming, to features such as DDR4-3200 support, 20 PCIe4.0 channels, IntelQuickSyncVideo, Enhanced media support (10bitAV1/12bitHEVC decoding and end-to-end compression), enhanced display functions (built-in HDMI2.0, HBR3), independent Thunderbolt4 and support for additional features such as IntelWi-Fi6E.