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Install the small QR code scanning module on medical equipment

July 01, 2021


In the era of mobile Internet, "smart medical care" based on bar code automatic identification technology is coming to us! In this situation, the Internet of Things application expert RAKINDA (RAKINDA) specially launched the LV3096 small QR code scanning module to be installed on medical equipment, integrating the performance of QR code recognition and data transmission. Medical staff only need to install the medical equipment. The upper scanner dock can be scanned with the barcode wristband worn on the patient's hand to realize mobile rounds, mobile nursing, and real-time detection of each patient's medication status.

At present, most medical industries have implemented mobile medical treatment, with medical equipment scanning modules as the core bar code collection and data transmission hub, and the establishment of real-time data communication functions with bar code wristband systems and medical care systems, laying the foundation for the realization of medical automation . As long as the barcode wristband is scanned, the situation of each patient can be tracked and monitored in real time, medical matching, etc., which promote the reform and development of medical information.


Why is the LV3096 small QR code scanning module installed on medical equipment so popular?

(1) Leading international industrial-grade image recognition technology + intelligent graphic recognition system, fast scanning speed, high accuracy, easy to read inferior barcodes (such as defaced codes, faded label barcodes, curved barcodes and fold codes), high density in medical environments One and two-dimensional barcodes can easily solve the identification problems of wristband barcodes, drug barcodes and medical device barcodes; 

(2) It meets the electromagnetic interference requirements of related medical devices. It adopts a sterilizable body shell, which is strong and drop resistant, and has a small and stylish appearance. It can be embedded in all medical devices, medical tablets and PDAs and other handheld terminals, easy to install and easy to integrate; 

(3) The medical device scanning module opens up communication interfaces such as USB ports and TTL232 serial ports to meet more interfaces Demand, facilitate secondary development.

All in all, common handhelds and smart devices in life cannot do without the LV3096 barcode scanning module to play its QR code hardware decoding function, which can be compatible with more systems. For the medical industry, it is undoubtedly an innovative change.