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Guowei Sierxin launched a 300 million gate prototype verification system using Stratix 10 GX 10M FPGA.

September 09, 2020


On September 7, 2020, Guowei Sierxin, a one-stop EDA verification solution expert, launched a new prototype verification system Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System, equipped with four Stratix 10 GX 10M FPGAs. StraTIx 10 GX 10M is the world's largest FPGA with 10.2M logic unit, 253Mb M20K memory, and 3456 DSP modules. The Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System supports the design verification of 300 million equivalent ASIC gates, and the unit logic gate price is reduced by about 50%.

Highlights of Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System:

· Large capacity and scalability, including 40.8M logic unit, 1,012Mb memory and 13,824 DSP resources

· 4,608 high-performance I/Os support FPGA interconnection and multiple application interface daughter cards

· 160 high-speed transceivers, operating at a speed up to 16Gbps

· More than 90 application interface daughter board libraries compatible with S2C

· Board-level integrated deep debugging module Prodigy MulTI-Debug Module

· Complete automation software simplifies design compilation, real-time control and system debugging

The scale of SoC design continues to expand, resulting in a higher-capacity FPGA prototype verification system becoming a basic requirement in chip verification. The Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System is equipped with four ultra-large-capacity Intel 10M FPGAs, and has a unified power supply and control module. In addition, the newly designed control module integrates a debugging circuit to realize the deep tracking and debugging function of multiple FPGAs without adding additional equipment. Optimized design segmentation tool Automatic design segmentation between multiple FPGA dies and multiple FPGAs, including automatic insertion of pin multiplexing logic. The highly modular system design perfectly reduces the complexity of the system and improves the ease of use.

The Quad 10M Prodigy series and Prodigy's other tools such as Prodigy Player Pro™ software, Prodigy MDM and Prodigy ProtoBridge™ can be seamlessly connected, providing powerful configuration, design segmentation, in-depth debugging and collaborative modeling capabilities.

Lin Junxiong, CEO of Guowei Sierxin, said: "We have been committed to providing the largest capacity prototype verification solution, and continue to improve its ease of use, to accelerate the user's SoC market. We are very happy to launch the ultra-large capacity Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System to meet the chip development needs of data centers, 5G wireless communications and autonomous driving."