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As flash iterates, the benefits of HDD will fade !

December 03, 2019


Samsung China today published science mechanical hard disk many shortcomings, SSD a brother for sales is also quite hard.

"The hard disk is slow, the computer is slow," samsung wrote in the article, explaining that "memory transfer performance is very fast, if the performance of the hard disk and memory gap is too large, it will lead to memory and CPU performance lag phenomenon, which is commonly understood as computer jam, program load is too slow.

About the hard damage of HDD, samsung listed noise, speed, physical protection and other four aspects, the other refers to that even after so many years of birth, HDD has a congenital gap with SSD in terms of heating power consumption, volume, and so on, and will inevitably be bad after too long, reliability is not good.

According to samsung, the current advantage of HDD is cost performance. However, with the iterative development of flash memory, especially the arrival of QLC, this advantage is gradually disappearing