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Alpha Wire launched the latest Xtra-Guard® Flex TPE cable to expand its prestigious Xtra-Guard® series of product lines.

April 27, 2021


The latest flexible TPE cable perfectly balances the performance of flexibility and toughness, and has excellent use efficiency.

As the world's leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions, Alpha Wire recently launched a new Xtra-Guard series of products. Using thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and having a flexible life of 1 million times, this Xtra-Guard Flex TPE cable can ensure stable and reliable performance in harsh industrial environments. Julian Del Campo, Product Manager of Alpha Wire, said: "Downtime is the most concerned issue for customers. Our Xtra-Guard Flex TPE cable has better durability and bending performance, which is the most suitable for customers to apply in extreme harsh environments. Best choice."


This series of cables has the following advantages:

• Compared with ordinary PVC, it has higher tolerance to harsh environments such as oil, sunlight and flame

• PLTC or TC grade cable, effectively saving the time and cost of installation and maintenance

• It has excellent continuous flexible use performance, with a rated flexible life of 1 million times

As an authorized distributor of Alpha Wire, Heilind can provide relevant services and support to the market. In addition, Heilind also supplies products from many world-class manufacturers, covering 25 different component categories, and attaches importance to all market segments and all customers , Constantly seeking a wide range of product supplies to cover all markets.