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Alibaba's self-developed RISC-V processor supports the Android build system for the first time.

January 27, 2021


As an open source processor instruction, RISC-V has a promising future. It is now mainly used in AI, embedded and other fields. The mobile phone field still has little sense of existence. The main reason is that the Android system does not support RISC-V enough.

Today, Alibaba announced an important development. Its Pingtou Semiconductor completed the porting of Android 10 to RISC-V and open source all related codes.

It is understood that Pingtou has implemented support for the RISC-V architecture based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The Android software stack mainly includes nearly a thousand software packages at five levels: system kernel, hardware abstraction, runtime, framework layer, and application. The migration work related to processor architecture mainly includes ** local library and ART support, Linux kernel support The build system supports three major parts:

Native library and ART support: complete RISC-V architecture support for bionic, ART, Clang/LLVM, V8, NDK, VNDK, OpenGL and other software packages: add dynamic link, system call, floating-point math library support for bionic; based on ART It has realized the DEX real-time interpretation execution, dex2oat, JNI call and JIT compilation optimization of the RISC-V architecture, which greatly improves the efficiency of JAVA program execution on the RISC-V platform.

Linux kernel support: Improved the Clang/LLVM compilation support for the Linux kernel, repaired a large number of Clang/LLVM problems, and adapted the Linux kernel of the RISC-V architecture to the Android system for the first time.

Build system support: **Android's compilation framework is mainly composed of blueprint and soong. Pingtou integrates the compilation framework, pre-compiled tool chain, local method library, simulator, application and service modules, and realizes the RISC-V architecture for the first time. Android build system support.


In July 2019, Pingtou Semiconductor under Alibaba released the Xuantie 910 processor, which is currently the industry's strongest RISC-V processor.

According to reports, Xuantie 910 can be used to design and manufacture high-performance end-to-end chips for applications in 5G, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving.

It is understood that the single-core performance of Xuantie 910 reaches 7.1Coremark/MHz and the main frequency reaches 2.5GHz, which is more than 40% higher than the current industry's best RISC-V processor.