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3D flash NAND technology change speed technology gap is narrowing

January 13, 2020


On CES, SK hynix formally announced the 128 stack layer of 4 d (nature or 3 d, 4 d just business name), has been used in their own PCIe hard disk, this is the first six flash memory in the original factory production flash 128 layer stack, is expected to samsung, western digital, will follow up this year 100 layers of flash memory.

How many layers can 3D flash stack?Just as skyscrapers can't be infinitely tall, there is a limit to the number of layers that 3D flash can stack on. Previous research by manufacturers has shown that it can stack up to 500 storeys, but that is the limit.

According to Techinsights' latest NAND flash roadmap, most flash memory vendors will slow down after 200 layers in 2022, compared with the previous years when the stack was constantly doubling. In 2023, only samsung, kaxia, xd and SK hynix will go 300, while micron and Intel will stay at 200.

However, there will be a lot of development in flash memory in 2020. Samsung has a 128-layer and 136-layer stack of 3D flash memory, with core capacity ranging from 256Gb to 1TB. Xidu and kaisuo can achieve a 112-layer stack, but the maximum core capacity can reach 1.3tb.

Meguiar's 3D flash this year will have a 128-layer stack with a maximum core capacity of 1Tb (QLC flash), while Intel will continue to use FG floating gate technology with a 144-layer stack with a maximum core capacity of 1Tb.

SK hynix's roadmap is different from other manufacturers. The number of stack layers is a bit ahead of others. Now it has 128 stacks and this year it has 176.

For flash memory market, the biggest variable is homebred YMTC storage for the Yangtze river, the company will be officially production last year 3 d flash memory, including 32 layer of the stack is a small-scale production, 64 - storey to mass production in September last year, have adopted the research Xtacking stack structure, the core capacity of 256 gb, the flash will still is the focus of the 2020 production, expanding production capacity, improve yield is the key.

In 2021, the Yangtze river to store is likely to launch 128 layer stack of 3 d flash, 96 layer stack, just skip this is some backward than companies such as samsung, Toshiba, but the gap has narrowed, in 2022 will still maintain a half generation to generation of technology gap, but objectively speaking, only a year behind technology companies such as samsung, Toshiba, is the great accomplishment homemade flash memory, after all that time but also the formal production for three years.