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Infineon announces third-quarter earnings and raises full-year forecast

August 05, 2022


On August 3, Infineon announced that its revenue in the third quarter of fiscal year 2022 (as of June 30, 2022) reached 3.618 billion euros, an increase of 33% compared to the same period last year and a quarterly increase of 10%. , the gross profit margin was 43.2%.

Based on an exchange rate of USD 1.05 to EUR 1, Infineon expects revenue of approximately EUR 3.9 billion in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022. On this basis, the company expects revenue of around 14 billion euros in fiscal 2022, up from its previous forecast of 13.5 billion euros. It also plans to invest around 2.4 billion euros, in line with previous plans.


Screenshot of Infineon's third quarter financial statement

Infineon said its revenue for the quarter increased by 10% quarter-on-quarter to 3.618 billion euros, with significant growth in the automotive (ATV) and power supply and sensor systems (PSS) sectors, industrial power control (IPC) and Revenues in the Connected Security Systems (CSS) segment increased slightly.

Among them, ATV's revenue increased to 1.701 billion euros from 1.491 billion euros in the first three months. All products and application areas, especially microcontrollers, contributed to a substantial 14% increase in revenue. The increase in revenue was due in part to increased production due to increased available manufacturing capacity and in part to favorable pricing and currency effects.

In addition, IPC division revenue increased to EUR 436 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2022, compared to EUR 430 million in the previous quarter, an increase of approximately 1%, due to a slight increase in industry-driven, renewable energy revenue. There is an increase.

Jochen Hanebeck, CEO of Inlink, said that in a difficult macroeconomic environment, Inlink continued to maintain good momentum with its differentiated product portfolio.

Hanebeck also noted that rising energy costs/feedstock prices and interest rates, the pandemic and ongoing geopolitical uncertainty are all holding back current economic growth. In addition, some consumer-oriented end markets, which have seen weaker demand recently, are closely monitoring market developments and are prepared to act swiftly if necessary.

It also said that structural drivers such as decarbonization and digitization continue to drive up chip demand, the global trend of electrified mobility continues, and many countries are seeking to ensure independent energy supplies, which will further accelerate the expansion of renewable energy.

In the end, he also said that Infineon has also benefited from continued high-water investments in communications infrastructure, data centers and cloud computing.