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The role and application scenarios of VGA switcher

August 21, 2021


What is a VGA switch? I believe many people don't understand it, and even some friends have never seen this thing. In fact, there are many application areas of VGA switch equipment, which can bring great convenience to people's life and work. Now let me introduce what a VGA switch is and what are its functions?

A VGA switcher refers to a tool that switches multiple VGA signal input devices and displays them on a VGA output device. For example, the superior U-8704 VGA switcher can switch and display the data output by two computer hosts on one monitor. In order to save space and simplify operation, this VGA switch is also called VGA two-in and one-out. Of course, there are other products that can realize multiple-in and one-out.

The VGA switch can switch the display of different devices, in other words, the devices share the display. For example, suppose there are 2 data sources, but only one display device, how can I quickly select and output to the monitor? Manually unplugging the cable is too troublesome. This requires a VGA switch to input the data source to the switch, and then output one of the data from the VGA switch to the display. When we need to see the input content of No. 1 , Just operate the switch button 1, and so on.

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, some switchers have added smart sharing functions. The superior VGA switch U-8709ABK, as shown in the figure below, only needs a monitor and a set of keyboard and mouse to easily control two computers, and the operation is faster. Convenient. Superior U-8709ABK is not only the host switching display sharing, printers, U disks, card readers, mobile hard drives and other USB devices are all shared.

The application of VGA switcher is manifested in various fields, including work, study, life and so on. For example, when a company is in a meeting, there are multiple people reporting data through the computer, and this data needs to be displayed to the field personnel on the big screen. The big screen can only display the signal of one computer at a time, so that it can be switched through the VGA switch. When a computer needs to be displayed on the big screen, it is enough to make the corresponding switch on the switcher, without the need for repeated unplugging and wiring operations for each computer.

In daily life, VGA switchers are widely used in the surveillance and security industry. Monitoring centers in communities often use VGA switches to transmit the monitoring content of different devices to the same large-screen display device. VGA switcher is also widely used in multimedia teaching. We can use the VGA switcher to switch each channel for learning at any time.

It can be seen that the VGA switch provides great convenience to our lives. Only by understanding and familiarizing with the VGA switch device can we better use the VGA switch device, thus making people's life more convenient and faster!

Responsible editor AJX