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Analysis of Application Advantages of Video Network Alarm Service Platform in Community Management

July 23, 2021


After more than ten years of development, the video network alarm technology has gradually replaced the previous single alarm network technology. The video network alarm technology can more intuitively judge the accuracy of the alarm, minimize the false alarm rate, and greatly reduce the manpower. , Police resources, improve the efficiency of safety precautions. With the increasing optimization of the video network alarm service platform and the development of the national economy, the video network alarm service has gradually entered the civilian market from initially serving banks and governments.

With the construction of the city and the increase of the migrant population, the safety and fire protection problems of the community have become increasingly severe, and the management of the migrant population is also struggling. In the future, the number of communities in my country will increase exponentially, and the market is huge. The application of the video network alarm service platform in the construction of the community can effectively alleviate the security problems of the community and escort the rapid development of the city.

Significance of the construction of a video network alarm service platform

1. The traditional networked alarm service is inefficient and the service scope is small

The traditional networked alarm system generally refers to a simple regional anti-theft networked alarm system. The service provider builds a networked alarm platform in the monitoring room, and installs alarm buttons, infrared detectors, vibration alarms and other alarms for merchants who need anti-theft alarm services. The equipment transmits the alarm information detected by these scattered alarms to the management platform through various transmission methods, and the central platform handles the alarm information in a unified manner. This kind of networked alarm platform generally can only receive alarm signals, but cannot control the signals generated by the alarm or the alarm host. Operations such as arming, disarming and canceling the alarm still require customers to operate on the spot, and the user experience is not good. Moreover, the police information generated on the spot is not necessarily an effective alarm. Without video linkage, the authenticity of the alarm cannot be reviewed. It requires personnel to go to the scene to verify it, which is a serious waste of manpower. Traditional online alarm services mostly serve self-service banks and small shops. Because of their single service content, there are fewer application scenarios that can be involved. The new video network alarm service platform has multiple functions and high efficiency, and its video linkage alarm mechanism can greatly eliminate false alarms and reduce manpower consumption. The alarm processing and the control of the alarm host are completely completed by the on-duty personnel, and the customer experience is greatly improved.

2. Many customized applications

Different from traditional switch alarms such as infrared alarm, vibration alarm, curtain alarm, etc., the new type of video alarm is all-encompassing, with functions including trip wire intrusion, area intrusion, item left behind, parking detection, item moving, etc. The video network alarm service platform can also be used for urban epidemic prevention and control, thermal imaging cameras, turnstiles and health code information integration, to achieve fully automated management of release and alarm. The video network alarm service platform can also be used for fire fighting. The signal linkage video of the fire alarm host can review the fire alarm information and notify the relevant department personnel to open the water valve, which can handle the alarm more efficiently. The integration of the video network alarm service platform and fire protection will drive the intelligent development of smart fire protection. The video network alarm service platform can also be used in the parking lot system, and the entry information of blacklisted vehicles will be pushed to the public security database to effectively help the police solve the case. The video network alarm service platform can also be used in scenarios such as building intercom and access control management. In the future, the interconnection of all things will become a reality. Big data, sky-eyes, and ground networks will be closely connected with our daily life. The video network alarm service platform integrates a variety of customized functions, which will surely open up new opportunities in the broader petascale civilian market. world.

The core technology and application scheme of the video network alarm service platform in the construction of smart communities

After the 1990s, China’s urbanization has begun from coastal areas to the inland. The total population of mainland China has already exceeded 1.3 billion. From the perspective of urban and rural structure, the urban permanent population exceeds 700 million. The urban population continues to grow, and the number of communities , The occupancy rate has soared. The population composition of the community is becoming increasingly complex, and various disputes such as criminal cases and civil cases are emerging one after another. Based on the existing problems, status quo and business needs of the new and old communities, from the different perspectives of streets (communities), properties, and owners, we need a safe, reliable, technologically advanced, convenient management, and easy-to-use video network alarm service platform to prevent and Deal with various security issues. Its core technologies and applications fall into the following categories:


1. Perimeter alarm

The residential area covers a large area, and perimeter care has become a problem that needs to be solved at present. Traditional active infrared detectors are difficult to install, costly in construction, and have a high false alarm rate. The video network alarm service platform uses two video alarm methods: tripwire intrusion and area intrusion, which can be displayed on the video screen according to the customer’s own needs. Draw a ruled line at the position and send it

When a tripwire intrusion or regional intrusion alarm occurs, the platform will receive the corresponding alarm information and linkage video, which can more intuitively determine the authenticity of the alarm. And the screen adopts IR-CUT dual filter switching, supports color to black, automatic switching between day and night modes, truly realizing 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring. The picture adopts digital wide dynamic balance, presenting a high-definition natural backlight environment, which greatly reduces the false alarm rate of the police.

2. Fire alarm

There are more than 620,000 high-rise buildings under construction each year in my country, and residential high-rise buildings account for a large part of them. The probability of fire in high-rise buildings and the losses caused are huge, so the construction of the community fire alarm system has become very important. The 6.22 fire in Hangzhou Blue Qianjiang River caused huge life and property safety problems, which aroused great public concern. The smoke detector used in the video network alarm service platform uses an optical labyrinth design, which can detect the smoke produced by the burning of a variety of substances, has high sensitivity to black smoke, quickly alarms, and buzzes warning. The smart electricity alarm can monitor leakage, and can also realize voltage monitoring, current monitoring, temperature monitoring, and alarm push to reduce the risk of fire caused by electricity use. The gas alarm can monitor the concentration of combustible gas. When the alarm concentration of 6% LEL set by the detector is reached, the detector starts to push the alarm and send out an audible and visual alarm signal. The video network alarm service platform can receive smoke alarms, electrical alarms and gas alarms, and real-time linkage video can accurately view and handle alarms.

3. Alarm for face, body temperature and health code

In 2020, the epidemic caused by the new coronavirus has not yet ended. The World Health Organization expects that humans will be plagued by the epidemic in the next few years. Therefore, temperature measurement and health code management are still the top priorities of the entire society. In addition, modern community owners and tenants, workers, takeaways, courier brothers, and other personnel need to enter and exit the community frequently, and it is easy to mix in various social lawless or abnormal personnel, causing various disputes. At the entrance and exit of the community, traditional methods such as security guards' visual inspection or access control are used to manage entry and exit personnel. At the same time, security guards also need to measure the body temperature and check the health code of the entering personnel. There are many management loopholes, and the efficiency of swiping the card to pass the door is low, which is easy to cause the gate. Congestion.

The video network alarm service platform integrates thermal imaging temperature measurement cameras and facial health code recognition gates, and pre-collects and adds the identity information and facial information of the community owners and tenants to the video network alarm service platform. When people enter the community , Its face information and body temperature will be collected and compared with the database to obtain its user authority. When it is determined that it has permission to enter the community and its body temperature is lower than the limit value, then its ID card information will be compared with the health code database , If it is a green code, the gate will be opened. The gate can only be opened if the face, body temperature, and health code meet the requirements. Otherwise, an alarm will be issued and the information that does not meet the requirements will be transmitted to the platform, and the video screen will be linked at the same time. The guard on duty in the duty room can sort out the information and hand it over to relevant department personnel for processing.

4. Parking lot management

The sharp increase in the number of vehicles is an inevitable product of urbanization. Traditional parking lot management is mainly manual management, supplemented by technical management. Security guards need to verify vehicle information, guide vehicles, and charge fees. The work is complicated and inefficient, and errors are prone to cause disputes. , And the blacklisted vehicles designated by the public security cannot be reported in time, and underreporting often occurs. The video network alarm service platform combined with high-end starlight cameras can collect license plate numbers with high recognition rate around the clock, integrated LED display, support voice broadcast function, can clearly identify the number of parking spaces and surplus numbers in each parking lot in the community, and can perform reasonable vehicle Guidelines. The platform supports parking fees, with the parking cloud platform WeChat and Alipay payment functions. In response to charging issues, it supports field license plate correction, charging record display, and historical information verification. The vehicle information of the owner and tenant is pre-entered into the system, and the admission authority is bound. When the incoming vehicle belongs to the police blacklist database, the system will report the alarm signal, vehicle information and video to the platform, and the duty officer will report all the incident data to the relevant department for processing after verifying the information. There is also a set of intercom system between the barrier and the platform to realize the

The two-way intercom of the monitoring room can realize the efficient management of vehicle entry and exit, toll collection, etc., which greatly reduces the occurrence of disputes and quickly resolves disputes and problems that arise.

5. High-altitude parabolic monitoring

In recent years, high-altitude parabolic incidents have occurred frequently. However, due to the rapid descent of high-altitude parabolas and the short duration of the parabola, some people even concealed their body during the parabolic, making it difficult for relevant departments to hold the parabola accountable. The video network alarm service platform can monitor the occurrence of high-altitude parabolic events in real time. The overall solution consists of front-end intelligent detection camera supporting transmission, storage and back-end platform software. Relying on artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, when a high-altitude parabolic incident occurs, a warning sound will sound immediately, and the video screen of the police situation linkage will be displayed on the large screen of the monitoring room, and the security guards on duty will know the situation of the police well. Related police information, information and linkage videos will also be stored for use from time to time. This program can not only deter random parabolic people, but also can monitor various parabolic behaviors in real time and deal with parabolic incidents in a timely manner, which greatly reduces the workload of property managers and guarantees the safety of people's lives.

The development trend of the video network alarm service platform of the smart community

1. Convergence insurance

Human society has been facing the intrusion of natural disasters and accidents from the beginning. In the process of fighting against nature, ancient people have sprouted insurance ideas and primitive insurance methods to deal with disasters and accidents. In modern society, no matter how advanced the technology is and how careful the security is, we can never achieve 100% zero problems. Therefore, in the long-term future, insurance will inevitably be integrated into the smart community video network alarm service.

2. Docking with public security database

The smart community video network alarm service platform integrates the identity information, education information, age, body temperature information, and face information of all residents, and connects to the public security database, which can realize the management of the external population of the community, the safety management of the elderly living alone, and the management of urban epidemic prevention.

3. Mobile intelligence

With the advent of the 5G era, mobile phone terminals will surely be the top priority for future development. Develop the mobile phone software of the smart community video network alarm service platform, and a series of operations can be completed on the mobile phone APP. Property security can receive all kinds of alarm information on the property version APP to facilitate timely processing. The household version of the APP can directly collect facial information or change facial information, thereby gaining access to the pedestrian gates. The mobile APP can also be connected to some non-security services, such as e-commerce shopping, phone bill recharge, etc. Users can also find a nanny, water and electricity maintenance on the APP.


In summary, the intelligent development of community management will definitely be the top priority for future development. The alarm networking service will inevitably undergo tremendous changes. Traditional video surveillance and alarm processing can no longer meet the management needs of smart communities. Artificial intelligence, advanced algorithms, and the Internet of Everything are the core technologies of the current and future video networking alarm service platform. With the rapid development of economy and technology, the pace of urbanization is getting bigger and bigger, and the market for smart communities will become larger. Smart community video network alarm services will surely promote the vigorous development of the security industry.