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The role and performance analysis of the media processor IMAGEON 2282/2182.

November 06, 2020


ATI introduced two new media processors, IMAGEON2282 and IMAGEON2182. They have breakthrough multimedia performance, can convert mobile phones into high-resolution megapixel digital cameras, high-fidelity digital audio players and mobile Digital camera with video and video conferencing function. In addition, fully compatible with 3GPP mobile media standards, these IMAGEON processors can provide a high level of performance and quality independent of the main processor.


The flexible and programmable audio engine in the IMAGEON processor can have new features such as CD quality, high-quality stereo recording and playback in industry standard formats, such as 3D surround sound. These standards include AMR, AAC, MP3, RealAudio, WMA And MIDI. Video engine can carry on mobile digital video recording/playing and 3 million pixel digital camera. In addition, IMAGEON2282 provides support for picture-in-picture video streaming and video conferencing.

According to ATI's tradition, IMAGEON2282 and IMAGEON2182 also provide unparalleled viewing angle quality and display characteristics, and have ATI's PowerPlay power management technology, which can provide the lowest power consumption in all functions, thereby extending battery life.

The higher performance target of IMAGEON2282 is in high and mid-range mobile phones, while IMAGEON2182 is aimed at mainstream low and mid-range mobile phones. All IMAGEON components have necessary software drivers and middleware compatible with the production line, providing OEM users with the benefits of products with the latest multimedia technology to quickly enter the market.

IMAGEON2282's own audio and video processing is used in 3 million pixel digital cameras, digital video (DV) camcorders and digital audio players. The separate audio/video encoding/decoding channel it provides enables mobile devices to have an audio/video experience, while its picture-in-picture function supports video conferencing applications. Its main characteristics are summarized as follows:

Completely own high-quality high-performance video and audio processing

Complete audio processing

Digital video recorder

Digital video player

Support video conference

Support up to 3 million pixel digital camera

Still image capture and photo viewing

Unparalleled visual quality and display characteristics

High-efficiency power management technology with longer battery life