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How to get started with MCU quickly?

September 23, 2020


  1. First, get familiar with the principle and structure of the microcontroller;


  Single-chip microcomputer is mainly composed of arithmetic unit, controller and register.

The arithmetic unit, controller, and register inside the microprocessor are interconnected. The controller issues operation commands to each part, and the arithmetic unit performs corresponding operations after receiving the commands, and stores the results of the operations in the corresponding registers .

  Single-chip microcomputer is mainly composed of arithmetic unit, controller and register.

  2. Secondly, learn digital electricity and analog electricity well to lay a good foundation for circuit design;

  Pure single crystal semiconductors are also called intrinsic semiconductors, and the number of free holes in their internal carriers is equal.

  Emitter follower is a common collector amplifier circuit. Because of its voltage amplifier: the number of digits is approximately equal to 1, and the output voltage is in phase with the input voltage, it is also called a voltage follower (emitter follower).

   The common-mode voltage amplification factor of an ideal differential amplifier is 0, and its common-mode rejection ratio is ∞.

   Under normal circumstances, in analog electrical appliances, the crystal works in an amplified state, and in digital appliances the transistor works in a saturated and cut-off state.

   The limiter circuit is a kind of waveform shaping circuit, because it cuts the waveform at different parts, it is divided into upper limit, lower limit and two-way limiter circuit...

  3. Use C language proficiently and watch other people's programs more;

   4. Learn to use Protel2004 or Proteus;

   5. If you have conditions, you can weld the circuit by yourself (start with the smallest system)