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What is unique about the hd monitoring special hard disk?

December 24, 2019


High-definition monitor system compared with the traditional monitoring system, the resolution, the greater the resolution high, means that at the time of transmission of data stream will also increase, greatly increase the hard disk pressure, moreover multichannel parallel code flow optimization technology, only in the special monitoring hard disk can be reflected, the main function of this is to share the hard drive pressure, moreover under the more hard disk, even if the hd monitor system for transmission speed requirements of the hard disk is not very strict, but small amount of data read and write, frequent monitoring specialized agency for monitoring and control system on the hard disk in the head, speaking, reading and writing, speaking, reading and writing characteristics for structure optimization design, in order to extend the life of the head.

Let's take an example to analyze the important role of monitoring special hard disk in hd monitoring system:

1. Life of hard disk: storage life is the key to control the cost of monitoring system. Ordinary hard disk will start up at full speed and the instantaneous current may reach 2A.The monitoring hard drive will start up slowly and the starting current will be controlled below 2A.Because the monitoring system usually installed more than one hard disk, this will produce a large start-up current at the moment of startup, if the ordinary hard disk, the power supply will be unbearable, or even burned.The average trouble-free running time of the monitoring hard disk is much longer than that of the ordinary hard disk, with higher stability and reliability.

2. the continuous working time difference: ordinary PC hard drive is not suitable for long time continuous, speaking, reading and writing, especially high-definition monitor system of storage pressure, long time continuous use of PC hard disk reading and writing will greatly damage the hard disk, the abnormal sound, make the hard disk read and write error, work suspension and other problems and the resulting damage of hard disk eventually.In order to run continuously all year round, so the hard disk must be able to work continuously for a long time, can meet this requirement is to monitor the special hard disk.

3. power consumption and heat dissipation: as medium of high-definition monitor, general storage pressure, PC hard disk to the operation of the power consumption is generally about 14.5 watts, monitoring the running power consumption for dedicated hard disk, generally is about 8 tile, it was worth only 55% of PC hard disk power consumption, running about 75% in power consumption could be transformed into heat energy, using special monitoring hard disk, not only lower power consumption, heating situations - reduces cooling system for the system adaptability to environment is stronger.

4. Transmission and performance differences: in addition to the traditional PC hard disk transmission mode, the monitoring special hard disk also introduces an updated transmission mode -- uninterrupted transmission mode, which is up to 65MB/S.By introducing the uninterrupted transmission mode, the support of streaming media on the hard disk is more reliable, which fully guarantees the smoothness and stability of playback while recording on the DVR, which is not provided by other hard disks.In addition, hd codestream optimization is also a unique function of monitoring hard disk for hd monitoring, which can better improve performance and stability.