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Intel second generation QLC hard disk technology improves life by 50% !

November 27, 2019


Although many people do not like QLC flash, but under the pressure of constantly reducing the cost, from samsung to meguiar's to Intel and other companies have made QLC flash as a focus to focus on, Intel today launched the second generation of QLC flash 665P series of hard disks, only $83 per 1TB.

Specifically, the main control of the 665P hard disk continued the 660p huirong SM2263 four-channel, but the flash particles were upgraded to 96-layer 3D QLC, with DRAM and SLC cache, 1TB maximum 140GB, 2TB maximum 280GB.

In terms of performance, the maximum continuous read speed is 1800MB/s, the maximum continuous write speed is 1800MB/s, the maximum 4K random read speed is 250K IOPS, and the maximum 4K random write speed is 250K IOPS

For the service life that players are most concerned about, 665P has the most significant improvement. According to Intel, in addition to the performance improvement, the write life of TBW data for 665P has increased by 50%, with writes for 1TB version up to 300TBW from 200TBW and for 2TB version up to 600TBW from 400TBW

What does 300TBW write life really mean?If it is not written in a large capacity every day, it will not exceed 20GB in normal use. If you exaggerate it to 50GB, 300TBW means you have to write for 6000 days. Considering the impact of write amplification and so on, it is also over 3000 days, which is about 8 to 9 years of service life