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TE Connectivity (TE) Introduces M3200 Pressure Transmitter

April 30, 2019


The M3200 pressure transmitter from TEConnectivity (TE), the world's leading connectivity and sensing technology company, uses advanced MicrofusedTM technology. As the newest member of the family of TE pressure transmitters, the M3200 micro-machined silicon piezoresistive strain gages with high-temperature glass and stainless steel diaphragms to create a unique pressure transmitter front end, compared to traditional products. More reliable.

Pressure transmitters are an integral part of most HVACR systems, helping them maintain a comfortable indoor climate and improve the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. In addition, they enable the integration of HVAC systems with building automation systems.

Traditional HVAC systems use pressure and temperature sensors and switches to control basic operation of the system, such as opening or closing the system, opening or closing valves or vents, and the like. As HVAC systems must become more efficient, there is an urgent need for more granular control of different subsystems. This has led to numerous technological advances, such as variable refrigerant flow, variable speed motors and blowers, electronic expansion valves, and many other control methods for fine tuning systems and reducing overall energy consumption.

The most common sensors in HVACR systems are temperature and pressure sensors, but now humidity sensors, gas sensors and other sensing technologies are being used more. The stable operation of the sensor not only maintains a comfortable indoor temperature, improves the work efficiency of the personnel, but also effectively stores foods and medicines that have strict requirements on the ambient temperature. Visible the importance of sensors in HVACR systems.

In HVACR systems, on-board pressure sensors are used to detect pressure in strainer and wind-heat central systems, while heavy-duty pressure sensors are used to monitor refrigerant pressure, or water pressure in large commercial chillers, or other liquid pressures. Whether commercial or domestic HVACR systems, sensors face a harsh working environment. High temperature fluctuations, high humidity, and high noise, the HVACR system needs to be stable enough to maintain continuous operation, as well as sensors that provide accurate, repeatable measurement readings.

As an authorized distributor of TEConnecTIvity (TE), Heilind can provide relevant services and support for the market. In addition, Heilind also supplies products from many of the world's top manufacturers, covering 25 different component categories, and pays attention to all market segments and all of them. Customers are constantly seeking a wide range of products to cover all markets.

About Heilin Electronics:

Founded in 1974, HeilindElectronics has a global headquarters in Boston, USA, and has established more than 40 locations in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Canada and Mexico. Heilind supports original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers in various segments of the electronics industry, supplying products from the industry's top manufacturers, covering 25 different component categories, with a special focus on interconnect and electromechanical products. Its main distribution products include interconnects, relays, fans, switches, circuit protection and thermal management, bushings and wire harness products, crystals and oscillators, fasteners and hardware, sensors and more.

Heilind's operating philosophy is based on strong inventory, flexible policies, agile systems, extensive technical support and unparalleled customer service. In December 2012, Helian Electronics officially launched its Asia Pacific business. The headquarters of Helian Asia Pacific is located in Hong Kong, China. In addition to the sales department, it also has a regional distribution center and a value-added service center. So far, Helian Asia Pacific has been in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Nanjing, Xi'an, Shenzhen and Dongguan. In Chengdu, Xiamen, Taipei, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and other places to open 21 branches and three warehouses (Hong Kong, Singapore and Suzhou), is committed to bringing the core value of distribution back to the industry.


TEConnecTIvity Ltd. (NYSE: TEL) is a $13 billion global technology and manufacturing leader committed to building a safer, sustainable, efficient and connected future. For 75 years, our connectivity and sensor solutions have been proven in the toughest environments, with advances in transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communications and the home. TE has 78,000 employees, including more than 7,000 engineers, and has partners in nearly 150 countries.