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Winbond becomes the world's largest supplier of Nor Flash?

Published :5/26/2020 1:08:24 AM

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According to the report, the first quarter of Winbond revenue of 11.549 billion yuan, gross profit rate increased by 2 percentage points to 24.1%, operating profit of 32 million yuan on behalf of the company has begun to profit, but due to the loss out of the business caused by the parent company net loss after tax of 87 million yuan, a net loss of 0.02 yuan per share.However, Winbond has benefited from a simultaneous rise in contract prices for DRAM, NOR/NAND Flash since the second quarter. Consolidated revenue rose 5.0 percent to $4.349 billion in April, up 11.4 percent from a year earlier.Legal person optimistic Winbond second quarter operation will be from loss to profit and pay out profit report card.

Winbond led the world in revenue last year, with 22.8 percent of the global market and 27.3 percent of global shipments, they said.In addition, in terms of sequential NOR Flash memory, winbond has been the largest supplier in the market since 2012, with a market share of 27.1% in the global $2.009 billion market in 2019.

Winbond chairman jiao youjun mentioned in the report to shareholders, last year Winbond in the coding storage flash memory revenue record high, accounting for 51% of the annual revenue, the first time to surpass DRAM revenue and become the largest business.Winbond has established close partnership with international big factories, among which NOR Flash is the world's first leading manufacturer, and is also the main driving force for Winbond's steady growth

In response to the rising number of flash memory requirements, winbond Yu Zhongke park operating 12 inches fabs, also plans to kaohsiung park south families build a second 12 inches fabs, gradually expanded and allocate capacity will depend on demand, in order to satisfy such as AI, automotive electronics, storage devices, network and 5 g flash memory new application requirements, etc.

Winbond launched SpiFlash NOR Flash product line since 2006, in a sequence type Flash memory has more than 20 billion delivery, during this period, Winbond continued advancing process and assembly capacity, including 58 nano products to launch its first in 2011, now has provided between 16 MB to 1 gb capacity, voltage between 1.8 V to 3 V nano SpiFlash high volume 58, in 2021 and plans to introduce the most advanced 45 nm process NOR Flash.