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Western digital thinks that although QLC flash has been mass produced but the market to 1XX layer when the outbreak

Published :12/11/2019 1:49:55 AM

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As the SMR technology in HDD hard disks, QLC flash memory is now being shouted. The reason is that QLC flash memory has worse performance and reliability than TLC flash memory, but the price has not yet reached expectations. For manufacturers, the six original manufacturers have mass produced QLC flash memory this year, but Western Digital believes that QLC flash memory will not explode until the 1XX layer

While attending the Wells Fargo annual technology summit, Siva Sivaram, president of Western Digital Technology and Strategy, answered analyst questions. In response to questions about how to view QLC flash, Siva Sivaram stated that Western Digital has traditionally been a leader in advanced flash technology MLC and TLC flash.

For QLC flash, Siva Sivaram stated that it is at a delicate point, because its benefits are not so great compared to the new generation of TLC flash, but Western Digital believes that after upgrading to the 1XX layer, QLC flash will become more important, Western Digital to be the leader in QLC flash memory

To put it simply, Western Digital believes that the current 96-layer stack of QLC flash memory does not have many advantages over TLC flash memory, and it can not take advantage of cost and capacity. It must wait until the number of stack layers reaches 1XX (usually 128 layers). Only then will the advantages be shown.

Western Digital now has consumer-grade QLC flash memory, as well as enterprise-grade QLC flash memory. In their opinion, QLC flash memory is more suitable for enterprise users-this is not a surprise, in fact, QLC flash memory was first targeted at the data center market, and its large capacity is low The cost advantage is suitable to replace HDD hard drives instead of MLC and TLC flash drives