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RS launches Cypress's F-RAM development board, which greatly improves storage performance

Published :11/12/2019 8:43:58 PM

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RS Components is releasing an easy-to-use, low-cost development kit that enables engineers to estimate Cypress Semiconductor's high-performance Excelon Ultra QSPI F-RAM memory technology .

For industrial systems operating in harsh environments, there are many demanding requirements for durable memory performance in terms of cycle durability and data retention. Cypress's F-RAM memory technology combines non-volatile data storage with fast write speeds and 100 trillion cycles of write endurance, enabling the system to capture, record and retain sensors as soon as power is lost Data and system status information.


Cypress's Excelon F-RAM technology for a variety of industrial applications Including industrial automation, data logging, motor control, programmable logic controllers, point of sale, test and measurement, and smart meters. The motherboard of the CY15FRAMKIT-002 development kit integrates a 4-Mbit (512Kx8) Excelon ultra-port SPI F-RAM. The board operates from 1.8V to 3.6V and supports an efficient low pin count, high speed interface.

The motherboard has a Morpho header for SPI and QSPI mode operation, which also allows evaluation using the ST nuclear-L433RC-P microcontroller evaluation board. In addition, the board can be used with any Arduino UNO R3 compatible board for SPI mode operation. Other features of the board include operation from –40C to +85C industrial grades; hardware protection with protection pins; software block protection and embedded ECC (error correction code).