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    TPS25821DSSR datasheet

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    RF Integrated Circuits

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TPS25821DSSR Product Details

1 Features

• USB Type-CTM Rel. 1.3 Compliant Source Controller

• STD/1.5-A Current Capability Advertisement on CC Lines

• Connector Attach/Detach Detection

• Super Speed Polarity Determination

• VBUS and VCONN (TPS25820) Application and Discharge with Internal Fixed Current Limit

• 1.0-µA (typ) Operating Current with NothingAttached to the Type-C Connector

• 64-mΩ (typ) High-Side OUT MOSFET

• Meets USB Current-Limiting Requirements

– 1.7-A OUT Current Limit with ±7% Accuracy

– Fast Overcurrent Response – 1.5 μs (Typical)

• CC1 and CC2 ±8-kV Contact and ±15-kV Air Discharge ESD Rating (IEC-61000-4-2)

• IEC/UL Certificates

– US-33101-UL: IEC 60950-1:2005; AMD1:2009, AMD2:2013

– US-33102-UL: IEC 62368-1:2014

2 Applications

• USB 2.0 or 3.x Type-C Host and Hub Ports

• Notebook/Desktop PCs and Tablets

• LCD Monitor/Docking Station and Charging Cradles

• Type-C USB Wall Chargers, Power Bank, and CLAs

• Set-Top Box and Audio/Video Systems

3 Description

The TPS25820/21 is a USB Type-C source controller with an integrated 1.5 A-rated USB power switch. The TPS25820/21 monitors the Type-C configuration channel (CC) lines to determine when a USB sink is attached. If a sink is attached, the TPS25820/21 applies power to VBUS and communicates the selectable VBUS current sourcing capability to the sink via the pass through CC line. If the sink is attached with an electronically marked cable, the TPS25820 also applies VCONN power to the cable VCONN pin. The TPS25821 does not apply VCONN power and is for functions where VCONN is not needed such as USB 2.0 and data-less charging implementations. 

The TPS25820/21 draws 1.0 μA (typ) when nothing is attached. The FAULT output signals when the switch is in an overcurrent or overtemperature condition. The SINK output signals when a sink is attached and the POL output signals the polarity of the cable superspeed lines.


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