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WJ Communication. Inc.

TriQuint is an industry leader in the development, advancement and production of GaAs, GaN, and SAW/BAW technologies. TriQuint has the industry's largest in-house technology portfolio, which enables it to offer customers highly integrated modules including both active and passive RF components. What’s more, TriQuint's uniquely qualified engineering teams produce devices matched to transceiver and baseband components more efficiently than other approaches. A wide-ranging technology portfolio enables TriQuint to make highly reliable, high-performance products. It can not only reduces system design time and speeds manufacturing while enhancing performance and overall reliability, but also helps TriQuint to offer a large and diverse discrete device portfolio serving a wide range of RF applications. TriQuint offers numerous processes including MESFET, InGaP HBT, E/D pHEMT, and HFET available on 150mm and 100mm wafers. And foundry customers can take advantage of TriQuint’s research, development and high-volume capabilities.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Discrete Semiconductors