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Vision Components GmbH

Vision Components GmbH

1995: The first Smart Camera

The invention of the VC11 Smart Camera, the first intelligent camera suitable for industrial use, was the milestone that lead to the formation of Vision Components in 1996. This innovative approach together with the mechanically and electronically outstanding hardware concept launched the success story of the Smart Camera People.

VC today Optimal production efficiency!

Their mission is offering Their customers the best solution possible. This principle is basic to all Their developments and enables us to guarantee optimal performance with Their Smart Cameras.  

During the recent years, Their EMBEDDED VISION PORTFOLIO

has been growing enormously along with Their customers' demands. Their STANDARD MODELS are designed for a broad range of inspection tasks and find their use in many application areas around the world. Of course, being a reliable OEM partner. They also offer INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS for specific applications.

It is their pleasure to share with their customers their unique expertise, gathered in some twenty years of being part of industrial machine vision and image processing. their wide veriaty of products is the ideal base to respond to indvidual customer requests. 

Their spectrum covers feasibility studies, hardware development for mass production as well as project programming of software adaption and implemeting OEM code.

The new VC Z models offer new options: Thanks to the ZYNQ? SoC module with integrated FPGA, the performance of hard- and software can be maximized by FPGA optimization. With this, processign times can be up to ten times faster than without using optimized PFGA.

They offer this service as an individual service feature or as standardized FPGA Packs in combination with their software tools. The respective FPGA Pack processes the requested function in parallel to the image acquitsition and generates with that the higher processing speed.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)