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Vectron International, Inc

Vectron International, Inc is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of frequency control, sensor, and hybrid product solutions in the world, which headquarters is located in Hudson, NH. They have operating facilities and sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia. VI is famous for its technical capabilities in both crystal oscillator and SAW filter design. Their products line includes crystals and crystal oscillators, frequency translators, clock and data recovery products, SAW filters, Crystal filters and components. Their key technologies offered include ASIC Design, Surface Mount Technology, Ceramic Packaging, and Hybrid Manufacturing to class "S", High Frequency Fundamental (HFF) Crystal design and Space Component Capability. Their markets cover telecommunications, data communications, frequency synthesizers, timing, navigation, military, and aerospace and instrumentation systems and other fields. VI is both a product manufacturer and a solutions provider. They own advanced technology always prepared to design and engineer custom solutions. VI focus much attention on service, responding quickly and professionally Helping Customers Innovate, Improve and Grow their business.

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