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Transys Electronics

Transys Electronics Ltd is founded in 1992, and located in the industrial heartland of Birmingham, UK. Transys now owns and operates a full capability 4000 square foot power semiconductor waferfab along with substantial assembly capability. The products of Transys operate in the advanced specification arena, harsh applications. The key to Transys's growth is large area die or difficult electrical parameters. Transys’ main products include high voltage 2500 volts, SCR's including high voltage 2200 volts, gate sensitive Triac's 3/3/3/5, TVS diodes up to 500 volts in a single die, the Transhield TVS with zero slope resistance and the Telecom Sidac protector wafers including advanced specifications including the Bellcore1089. Transys operates an advanced system of Statistical process control (SPC) along with the ISO9001 quality system. Due to advanced process control and low defect ratio Transys is able to manufacture very large area die at excellent yields. Transys has full design capability to work with customer to create the perfect solution to their needs. Transys can use any type of solder, lead based or Rohs approved in one soldering cycle. And Transys completes the whole process inside the vacuum system and using the same solder at one time.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)

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