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THine Electronics, Inc.

THine Electronics, Inc. was established in May, 1991, which headquarters is located in Tsukuba, Ibaraki. They are engaging in providing circuit design service for semiconductor manufacturers. They are the global leader in mixed-signal LSI especially for High Definition Televisions and other flat panel displays. Depend on their ample experience, they are excellent in high-speed serial interface LSIs, radio frequency ICs, power management ICs, and automotive LSIs and other fields. Their products line include V-by-One®HS, LED driver, V-by-one, power IC, LVDS, ISP, ASIC, video ADC. They focus much attention on plans, designs, and sells mixed-signal LSIs. The original technologies support a large number of customers, and have earned a reputation for high quality. Through the high-speed interfaces and power management technologies that are required for high-definition televisions and other products, as well as the radio-frequency wireless technology utilized by cellular phones and other mobile devices, their products are famous in fields such as consumer lifestyle and business activities.

Product Category

Circuiti integrati (CI)