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Temex Electronics Inc.

TEMEX was established more than 30 year, which is the European leader and ITAR-free partner of highly reliable frequency solutions. The headquarters is located in Marco Polo, Mougins, France. They focus much attention on Space and Defense markets, such as navigation, observation, exploration, telecommunication satellite and transportation programs, avionics, airborne systems, communications, missiles, radars and satellites and other fields. There are sales offices in Troyes, Asia, Middle-East, North America, France, Benelux, South Europe, South America, Northern & Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS. Their products line includes high performance filters, crystals filters, DTCXO , ULN (Ultra Low Noise) oscillators, DDL (Digital Dispersive Delay Lines) and DPCSS (Digital Pulse Compression Sub-Systems), space qualified crystal filters, XO, OCXO, USOCXO (Ultra Stable OCXO) , OCSO, DPCSS, module assemblies, space XO, space VCXO, space TCXO, space OCXO, crystal resonators. They have received ISO9001, ISO14001, EN9100 certifications. TEMEX can offer variety of products that are according to the customers needs. They control all the elements composing the frequency technology chain, so that they can design and offer very complex integrated crystal and digital sub-systems. They are the only one company who propose the Ultra Low Noise Crystal and SAW Oscillators from 5MHz to 1,2 GHz, Digital Delay Lines and other RF subsystems. Their goal is to invent new products defining the future technology trends, and provide their customers with innovative and highly reliable solutions meeting the requirements of their applications.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)