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Sumida America

Sumida America

Sumida Corporation has been a lead manufacturer of coils and wire-wound electronic products, such as power inductors and RF inductors, since 1956. Sumida products are manufactured in various locations in Asia and Mexico, which has allowed Sumida to keep costs to a minimum, spread risk, and increase response times. Sumida components can be found in applications such as audio/visual equipment, CD-ROM drives, DVD/MD products, modems, networking hardware, liquid crystal display monitors, computer peripherals and air-conditioners, as well as electronic automotive products like anti-lock braking systems.Sumida is a global leader in the electronic components industry. In 1971, Sumida set up its first overseas manufacturing base in Taiwan. Nowadays overseas bases have been established one after another, there are more than 20,000 Sumida employees throughout the world. By speedy and efficient development, manufacturing, and sales in a global vision, Sumida has been aiming at stable expansion of business. The customers of Sumida come from all over the world, including Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, China, ASEAN nations, and the United States. In order to become a true global business, Sumida has to conform to the economic ambience which activates the organization by allocating and mixing the best of human resources from all over the world as well as transferring a part of the headquarters function to Hong Kong from early time. Sumida's vision is to continue to advance with vitality through imagination and embracing a world view over the next decade. Sumida endeavor to become a timeless “One and Only” company. For this purpose, Sumida strives to further develop the technology by procuring and maximizing the use of the finest resources at the best locations to meet the needs oftimes. And Sumida continues to offer electronic products that make bridges between people and the ever-advancing electronic technologies.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Inductors, Coils, Chokes