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Silicon Image

Silicon Image, Inc. was established in 1995,the headquarter is located in Sunnyvale, California.They are a leader in digital connectivity and interface solutions and standards and have a high reputation in the global transition to high-definition (HD) equipment and interfaces. They are specialized in semiconductors. There are regional engineering and sales offices in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Silicon product line covers port processors,input processors, HDMI receivers, HDMI transmitters, HDMI PHYs, iTMDS receivers, HDMI switches, MHL transmitter, MHL bridge, Port processor, DVI transmitters, DVI receivers, SATA controllers, Parallel ATA controllers, RAID storage processors, SATA port multipliers, Bridges. Silicon focus much attention on the devices such as desktop and notebook PCs, DTVs, Blu-Ray Disc? players, audio-video receivers, as well as mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras. Silicon Image has own the industry standards HDMI? and DVI? and the latest standards for mobile devices - SPMT? (Serial Port Memory Technology) and MHL? (Mobile High-Definition Link). Due to the March,2010, they have received 260 Patents. The goal of the Silicon is become the leader in advanced video connectivity solutions for consumers. Their mission is committed to develop the products and technology which has the strong interoperability and can be transmitted the digital content to any place any equipment.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)

  • SI8902D-A01-GS
    Silicon Image
    Data Acquisition ADCs/DACs - Specialized 5 kV 10-bit isolated SPI ADC
  • SII9679CNUC
  • SII9533CNUC
    Port Processor with InstaPort S, InstaPrevue, ARC, 300 MHz