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Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd

Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd

Seoul Semiconductor is one of the top three LED manufacturers in the world and the leader in the LED industry in Korea. Seoul Semiconductor is committed to supplying customers with innovative and reliable LED products such as SMD LEDs, through hole type LEDs, custom displays, and sensors.

Seoul Semiconductor started in 1992 with around 30 employees in a small space of a commercial building in Bongchen-dong, Seoul. They have grown exponentially over the years creating many success stories.

With a dream that they would make their LEDs lit up even a space station, they built their company Logo and CI(Corporate Identity) in 1994 and have invested in R&D for the last two decades. Consequently, they also invented the world’s first AC driven LED technology, “Acrich”, 10 times brighter LED “nPola” and package-free LED technology “WICOP”
With these technologies, not forgetting their original intention, they would like to build a clean, healthy and beautiful world! Moreover, they will do their best to meet stakeholders’ expectations and requirements with their products and service and will abide by national and international standards

Seoul Semiconductor develops and commercializes light emitting diodes (LEDs) for automotive, general illumination, specialty lighting, and backlighting markets. 

As the fourth-largest LED manufacturer globally, Seoul Semiconductor holds more than 12,000 patents, offers a wide range of technologies, and mass-produces innovative LED products such as Wicop – a simpler structured package-free LED which provides market leading color uniformity, cost savings at the fixture level with high lumen density and allows design flexibility; Acrich, the world's first high-voltage AC-driven LED technology developed in 2005, includes all AC LED-related technologies from chip to module and circuit fabrication, as well as multi-junction technology (MJT); and nPola, a new LED product based on GaN-substrate technology that achieves over ten times the output of conventional LEDs.

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